The Lorax

This is a movie my sister recorded for me and requested i review. She loves making me do kids movies…. so here goes:

The movie the Lorax is based on the story by Dr. Seuss and the whole story is based around a famous quote of his that made it’s first appearance in this particular tale: “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading Dr. Seuss…. what was wrong with your childhood? No, just joking; but seriously, if you haven’t read any of his work, even if you’r reading this an adult, i recommend his stories. Any of them is a great example of just what can be done with rhyme and imagination.

Anyway, in the Lorax, this guy with a dream and far too much optimism, after being put down by his family for years, travels off to be a big business man. Anyway, what he makes is called a thneed and it takes off. Everyone wants one, only it’s made from tuffs of fluff from trees and he had already chopped one down to make the first Thneed. This had summoned the Lorax who made him promise not to chop down any more.

Anyway, his family show up to help him grow the business and his scheming heartless mother convinces him to chop down the trees to make money faster. He agrees because he wants success, and ends up chopping down the whole forest. The Lorax protested the entire time, but when he cut down the last tree, obviously his company went under, he went broke and the Lorax left.

Years later, kid wants to impress a girl by getting her what she wants: a tree! He leaves Thneedville to find a tree, meets our previous character who tells him his life story, aka: the bulk of the movie, and in the end, the people see the truth of how damaged the Earth is, they plant a tree and everything starts growing again!….. Whoop-dy-fucking-do!

The movie itself was entertaining. The songs were less frequent and less annoying than those of most Disney movies, with the acceptation of the first one, titled “Welcome to Thneedville”. Danny DeVito was funny as the Lorax, but it was a little disappointing that the writers didn’t give him too many funny lines. I know it’s a kids movie, so it may be considered a wasted on the audience, but kids laugh at anything, so long as it actually is funny (Voice of Experience: Kids are the hardest audience), so why not through a couple of more well rounded jokes in there for the adults who have to watch this with there kids?

There was one thing i did like about this tale of the Lorax and that is how the guy you think is the bad guy, isn’t so bad, he just did bad things and didn’t want to stop because all he saw in what he was doing was good. There is a clear cut bad guy added to the movie called Mr O’Hare who sells people clean air. I didn’t like this because it’s not in-keeping with the original story or feel of the tale. It’s the sort of clear cut cartoon black and white villain that Seuss avoided and i don’t feel he added anything to the story.

Of course, if i was to compare this movie to the actual story, i would probably go off on a rant because of how much and how badly Hollywood have twisted it, but judging the movie purely on it’s own merits, the animation was good, the characters were memorable and the voice acting pretty good as well.

However, i still think it could have been funnier and less cartoon-ish. They should have kept it at least to the Dr. Seuss way of not comforting his audience with cliche villains and perfect do-good-ers. In only finding out about the disappearance of the trees to impress a girl, the boy in this story was being just as selfish as Mr. Thneed was when he was chopping down trees.

Now obviously, i can’t review a story like this and not relate it to the real world. We are still cutting down an irresponsible amount of trees as around the world. Businesses are becoming aware of the dangers and are becoming greener, planting trees for all they cut down, or only foresting tree farms but still, due to the terrible example we set, developing countries are cutting down trees, both legally and illegally at an alarming rate. We do need to try and stop this by raising awareness of the need for trees and by teaching the developing nations why tree protection is so vital. I am proud to say that in the course of writing these reviews, i use no paper! In my job as a apprentice chef, we recycle all the paper we use and at Central, we don’t use any paper at all!

So, did i like the Lorax? Well i’ll tell ya, i want Mr Thneed’s suit!

He got swag…

Other than that….


That Other Guy

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