Weekly Comparative Reviews…

Well, we are a busy bunch over here at TGTRS. We had a meeting tonight, and we’ve come up with a feature which we think will help us to maintain a steady level of writing, plus help to show the differences in our opinions, because, let’s be honest, a lot of our thoughts are very similar.

Weekly Comparative Reviews are exactly what they say on the tin. We pick a topic, most likely a film or TV series, and in the course of a week, we will write a review (one from each of the top 3 writers), and post them together. Other than picking a topic together, there are no deliberate similarities between our posts, and they are all written independently. We may choose to use similar titles, but that hasn’t been decided yet.

We hope that this will show you all the differences between us, as well as restoring us to a site which regularly posts reviews, like we did back in the good old days when I was reviewing instead of revising. They were fun times.

However, it all hinges on this first few weeks. We’ve decided to start with the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, and as such, have committed to this for at least 3 weeks. Our first reviews go out on Sunday, and then, every Sunday afterwards.

If it goes well, and seems to be popular, we’ll make it a permanent thing. If not, well… we’ll scrap it. We will want feedback though, so please, if you have an opinion on the way we show our opinions, please let us know.

Thank you.

That Guy

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