Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


I love how this movie starts. It has the best start of any sequel I’ve ever seen. Straight away, your back in Moria, at the most heart wrenching moment from the last movie and you are forced, as the first thing you view, to be pulled straight back into the movie. It makes you remember all the feelings you had at that point before in the last movie, weather good or bad and you are immediately reconnected with the story. Great start!

Golum: His appearance in the movie is amazingly similar to his description in the book. He looks repulsive and that means, once again, the special effects department did a great job.  Golum’s split personality is the best and worst part of his character. Smegle is meant to be the person Golum once was, before the ring consumed him; only when he comes across, you realize how little of him there is left: Eating raw fish, still walking on all fours etc….

I know you don’t find out his origin story till the next movie, but i already feel sorry for Smegle because of how little sanity and humanity the ring left his personality. As for Golum, he is not just the other side to Smegles coin, he was born in Smegle’s mind from the ring. His personality is a personification of the ring itself. Golum is as cruel, manipulative and obsessive as the ring itself is. As the ring longs to be with it’s master, he longs to be with the ring and i’m sure if it came to it he would fight Sauron himself for it.

His personality is all so an insight into the character that is the ring. He shows you how the ring thinks, feels and reacts in a very understandable way, because up till know, the only representation of the ring has been the ring itself, an inanimate object and what feedback we’ve had over it’s effects from the behavior and words of Frodo. Only it is in this movie through Golum, we come to realize just how evil the ring itself really is.

So, I have now got the point where I’ve found out that Rohan is free roam to Orks due to Sauroman’s hold over Fayoden Horse Master. Pippin and Mary are at the Forest of Fangorn just as the riders of Rohan who follow the nephew of the king have attacked. At this point i don’t feel any closer to Legolass, Gimley or Aragon, as I’ve only seen them so far putting marathon winners to shame. As for Pippin and Mary, i don’t feel for them in there situation, i’m not worried about them, and i frankly don’t care at this point weather they live or die. I only want to get back to Sam and Frodo because at the moment i feel like my time is being wasted and i’m even getting board.

When Aragon, Gimley and Legolass go to the pile of burnt bodies from the attack the night before to find Mary and Pippin, this is a bit i hate! Legolass is, as an elf, emotionally constipated; Gimley looks like he’s going to get tearful and i can’t relate to how he’s feeling at all so i liked him more when he was running….. at least then he made two decently funny comments.

Sorry, i must say this, black rider on dragon looks badass!

Gandelf the white: He is Saroman, or at least Saroman as he should be. He has been resurrected so he may play his part in the downfall of Mordor and the defeat of Sauron. He has some memory of his past life as Gandelf the Grey, but he is a different person, with the same appearance and mannerisms.  He is a great character, i love his reveal and i already feel close to him, because he is Gandelf; which is more than i can still say for the other three.

That is a situation that will not improve either as now Gandelf is center spot light and Aragon, Gimley and Legolass are to remain in the background; Sadly.

Our first glimpse of Mordor. The Black Gate is imposing and the trolls that manage it, equally so. You really get a sense for how much force is hiding behind the ash mountains of Mordors boarder. Of how powerful an evil Frodo and Sam are actually facing and  how serious a threat to Middle Earth Sauron still is.

Having said that, the fact that Frodo and Sam were willing to charge head long into Mordor via the Black gate, charging the entire army of Mordor with nothing but one stab proof vest between them and frying pan skills. I mean, did they really think they would get in without being noticed, or did they honestly believe they could deal with any resistance they met at the gate. This was a terrible plan and it was lucky that Golum was there to stop them or Sauron would have had the Ring and been at full strength before tea time.

Theyoden: Horse master and king of Rohan, he is portrayed in this movie as a cautious and caring king, after he is released from Saroman, but in his caution and wanting to care, he takes his people to Helms Deep and so to a battle in which he thought impossible to lose, but in which actually lost many. He does not mount a counter attack on Isenguard or even attempt to retake his lands from orc and wild men. Despite what Gandelf told him to do. He is cowardly, as he runs and hides, believing he is protecting them from war and further death.

Right guys, here’s the deal. I started watching this at 7 o’clock but with all the pausing, it’s now 10 o’clock and i’m only half way through; and i have work tomorrow so i’m going to end it here…. i am sorry, but that’s life i’m afraid.

The rest of the movie is great. The battle of Helms Deep was incredible viewing and the acting, music and effects were all so great. I am happy to say i know someone who was actually in this movie. My secondary school P.E. teacher Mr. Brister was an Orc at the battle of Helms Deep. You see him for a total of two seconds on the front line when there banging there shields, third Orc in.

Other than that, i feel that characters could have been more evenly represented and the script could have included different lines in key parts from the book that would have been more effective. The Ents taking Isenguard was a little disappointing as a battle. In my mind it was too short, i missed a lot of the action/fighting due to sweeping camera angles and Sauroman is a powerful wizard, who just stands there and watches his tower be taken and does nothing.

So, i will award this movie:

6/10 (very good)

That Other Guy

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