That Other Guy’s opinion on…. Glastonbury

This is Friday’s music review (on Monday) and it’s my opinion on the biggest music festival in the world (or so it claims). Here’s what i think of it…

It is a mindbogglingly large affair bringing together a astronomical amount of music and artists to celebrate entertainment in the medium of sound in all it’s glory in the shrine to music that is the mud-hole of Glastonbury. It grosses probably in the millions of pounds and attracts equally as many people. You camp out in a tent, you pay silly money for drinks and food, and you party all day and night long all weekend! I am sure it becomes one of the top ten moments of your life if you go…..

…. and i wouldn’t if you payed me!

I hate crowds of people, who jump and scream, i hate loud noises and i hate the idea of living in a tent for the weekend. It’s not so much the camping, but more the lack of sleeping that will happen due to the noise in the background that’s always there of distant bands, drunken young adults and those who think they can sing and do it at the top of there lungs. All so, having to turn lost people away from your tent, having to cue to use a almost certainly overused port-a-loo and having no easy access to water, no so much to drink, but to wash in….

Other than that, i’m sure i would have a great time as i love the music and stream Glastonbury and watch it on T.V. I even catch up on YouTube; and i won’t mark the festival down just because of my personal problems with it, but i’m sure there are others as put off by the idea of staying in tents as i am and may even use that as a reason not to go, so i won’t disregard that.

My score: 8.5/10

That Other Guy

One thought on “That Other Guy’s opinion on…. Glastonbury

  1. Thank you hrudolfensis for the like 🙂

    All so you should know, google chrome spell checker would have your name changed to unoffensive. 😛


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