While I Was Away

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night, to all of you reading this, whoever you are, wherever you’re from and whatever you have just been doing, will do in a moment and whenever it is, whether you’re reading this in English, Dutch, Indian, French, German, Mandarin, on a tablet, phone, laptop, computer or gaming console. Hello.

As some of our more regular readers will hopefully be aware, I recently took a period of forced leave from writing here at TGTRS, due almost entirely to me moving house. Now, admittedly, I could have borrowed wi-fi from my dad, my girlfriend’s dad, her mum or even tried to use my mobile internet to do a few bits of writing, but I thought, heck, we all deserve a holiday, right, and who deserves one more than the guy who keeps everything running. Truth be told, I expect to have a few hundred comments to go through when I get back, most, if not all, of which will be spam, a lot of posts to amend because of templates not being followed (yes, we have a template, and we’re finally going to enforce it) and other bits to amend, update and fix.

 I’m a busy man, and I’m writing this the day before I get the internet back, so that I can get cleaning up tomorrow… today… whatever.

 But this post is not a moany post. This post, is almost a “what I did on my holidays” write-up. I’m going to tell you what I got up to whilst I was away, and what I think of it.

 First up, I moved house. On the 28th June (yes, that long ago) I got the keys to my new house, which I am sharing with my girlfriend, her brother and his girlfriend. We’ve been moved in since, and are, so far, doing very well indeed. If that changes, you’ll probably see a rant-post from me. No probably about it. You WILL see a rant-post from me.

 What do I think about moving house? I hate it. Why? I have to tidy, pack EVERYTHING I OWN away, then move it, just to unpack, re-arrange, and fit in less space, because I do not have a place just for my stuff. My computer, the device which I write this on, only got it’s permanent home on Monday, and to be honest, I’m not sure I like where it is. Wires everywhere, a less comfortable environment for me to sit in, and it just doesn’t feel write yet.

 But I have a nice double bed again, which I get to share, plus a great kitchen. Probably the best kitchen in any of the houses I’ve lived in. We’ve a great big big living room and, for once, an Xbox 360. It’s not technically mine, but I get a lot of time on it, and in my first – maybe second – week here, I completed, like, 4 games. In fact, I’ll probably get on it again tonight, since everyone apart from me will either be out all night, or asleep early for work tomorrow – I took the week off.

 So, moving house isn’t so bad, but it’s a hassle I would just rather we could use teleporters for. When we go all Star Trek and have transporters, we’ll be much better off, in terms of moving house. I can’t wait.

 Well, I returned to work in mid-July, had a performance review, which went brilliant and I got a raise at the end of. I’m now on higher than apprentice-wage in my apprenticeship. Who said you couldn’t juggle a review blog, work, a girlfriend and a gaming community? I didn’t.

 Well, in all honesty, I can’t think of anything else I’ve been up to since I left. I’ve been drafting up a few bits for the writers here, hopefully to motivate us all, but it needs a bit of work yet, plus, it’s a company secret, so you can’t find out anyway. Oh well. Oh, and I went out for a drink with work, my passport ran out, I found out I couldn’t go to Rome next September, started watching Dexter (review to follow when I’ve seen ALL of them) and wore a dressing gown a lot.

 That has been my life since I left. Pretty much, anyway. I’m so interesting, aren’t I? This is the life of That Guy you’ve been reading the words of since 2011. Well, not all of you. In fact, if any of our original readers are still reading our write-ups, please, email us at thatguythatreviewsstuff@hotmail.co.uk, so that we can get to know you. I genuinely want to know what you think, as always, and honest opinions only, please.

 As always, comment if you want, email if you want, like if you like, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and we look forward to seeing your blip on our map of the world on the far right hand side of the screen. Go on, have a look, and see if you can find yourself. I never can…

 That Guy

 P.S. If any of you have been in contact with That Other Guy, and indeed, still are, tell him to contact me. I’ve been trying to reach him for a few weeks now, and it’s starting to worry me – Thanks!

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