My Confession

I’ve been having a few thoughts lately, and today I made a shocking self-discovery that I feel compelled to share with you all.

I am outdated. What, really? You’re not shocked? Well, I was. I watch old movies, play old games, listen to old music and still use XP. However, I see a few big upsides to this.

First, it allows me to experience the things I missed, like Queen, The Beatles and Flash Gordon. Yeah, three great things all because I’m a media historian (and hopefully one day, an exhibit too).

Second, I get to relive the greats that I had in my life, and those that I missed. Like my next review (hopefully up tonight), Bioshock. I never got a chance to play it when it was new, but now, I own a copy, play it, and am about to pass on my opinions to you all. For me, that’s a win that I couldn’t have had, say, six years ago.

Finally, I’m never disappointed. If you stick to what you know, and what you like, you cannot be disappointed, because you get what you know. To quote a conversation I’m having on Skype, trying out all the new stuff that’s new to everyone, is like running into a minefield blindfolded. It’s either going to go brilliantly, or horribly. With the older stuff, you’ve got some bloke telling you where to walk, and he can safely guide you through the dangers. I like that.

But don’t let me discourage you. Always try something new, is my motto, even if your scared it will be terrible. As such, I aim to plunge into the unknown at my next opportunity. Look out world, here comes an updated me!

That Guy

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