Reasons Be – Say Goodnight

We here at TGTRS pride ourselves on doing honest reviews of the things that we see, or have shown to us. Normally, it’s the former, but whilst I was without internet access, I was emailed by the PR team of a company called “LaFamos”, who asked me to look at Reasons Be. Here I am, doing just that.

initially, I was taken aback. You know what I’m like – I don’t get the modern stuff, and most of the time, I don’t want to. However, I made an exception with this one, especially since it was a special request that I look at this particular band.

Well, if this one song of theirs, “Say Goodnight”, is a good indicator for the rest of their work (none of which I’ve looked at, by the way) then I’m sure we’ll be hearing from them some more in the future – they’ve got this rich sound and yet its sort of covering it’s bases everywhere.

It started out being just another pop song trying to break big by being different, but being so similar to everything else. But it changed – the multiple voices and the relaxed music style, despite the serious nature of the song itself, lend a great contrast that helps to generate a feeling of fondness towards both the musicians and the characters they’ve created for the video – which you can find here, or watch below.

There’s this sense of confusion I had about the story this song was telling – I assumed it was about a man who had helped a homosexual woman becoming pregnant wanting to stay with her because he’s always liked her, and now he’s had her, he doesn’t want to give her up – oh how wrong I was.

I’ll assume you watched the video – if not, watch it, so you can’t bitch at me about giving you spoilers. I liked the fact that my expectations were subverted, but matched in a weird way. The end of this song was like the end of Avatar. They’re dead, or dying, and the only hope they have is that this unseen power help them. You know it’s going to work, but you expect them to be dead, but you know it’s going to work. Now, whether they’re angels, and they’re doing god’s will because, guess what world, he doesn’t really give a shit what sexuality people are – or they’re just a metaphor for one hell of a lucky pregnant woman (I think she’s pregnant, anyway) – the song works.

Sitting on a beach? Lucky buggers. You don’t get beaches like that here in Spalding…

That was a long sentence, wasn’t it? Blimey. Well, short ones will follow.

The guitar work is simple, effective and makes me smile. The harmonic singing style touches a certain part of me that wishes the early boybands of the 90’s were still around. They have a very “if Westlife were better” sound to them, and they might not like such a comparison, but Westlife were massive and, well… Screw everyone.

It’s easily the best new song I’ve heard this month, maybe even in the last six months, so that’s a plus for them, but I would like to add that I now expect something even better from them by New Year. I’ll keep my ears open and see what they play at us. I can’t wait.

I recommend you have a look at their site – – or just click on that big picture of those two handsome lads there.

Overall, what do I think? I think they’ve got a lot of potential. They’ve got the chance to become something spectacular. I hope they do.


That Guy

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