TGTRS Halloween Events

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night. Happy October, welcome to our official Halloween Events post. I’m the head-writer, That Guy, and I’m here to tell you about what we’ll be doing to celebrate this upcoming Halloween…

Well, this year, we thought we’d spice things up a bit. We’ve all got a few plans, and here, in the following lines, are the few that we’ve got which will almost definitely be going ahead.

26th October – That Guy will be posting a “What Halloween Means These Days and What That Means For Us” opinion piece which will be being written over the coming weeks, will feature lots of film/game references, and will have a scary picture or two. Keep your comforters ready!

27th October – That Guy will be posting up THREE new horror movie reviews, none of which he’ll have seen before he review-watches them.

28th October – That Guy will be posting up a “Why Do We Crave Fear?” opinion piece, again written over the coming weeks.

29th – 31st October, 9pm – 12pm GMT. – That Guy and Benny (plus Hurdolfensis, if we can get it for him) will be taking part in L4D2 gaming via Steam on PC. Anyone interested in taking part, let us know (email when you want to be there, and we’ll try and get a few arrangements sorted out.

31st October – That Guy will post his “Top Ten Scary Characters” list from the wide range of TV and Movie characters available to him.

1st November – That Guy and Benny (and again, hopefully Hrudolfensis), will attempt an all night L4D2 marathon, by which I mean, complete ALL the campaigns on normal mode (we’re not crazy, after all). Since this is a goal-based event, there will be limited spaces. If it is just myself and Benny, we will be looking for TWO gamers to join us in this conquest. Now, it will still be for fun, but for once, we’ll actually try and do something special as well.

2nd November, 9pm – 12pm GMT. – Any available TGTRS writers will be popping onto our IRC chatroom (link in the contact us page) for a while to talk about whatever we can all agree on talking about. This could be a great chance for us to get to know each other, and for you to propose suggestions on how we can improve.

So, for now, these are the ones that will most likely be going ahead. If anything changes, we’ll be sure to let you know. if you’ve any suggestions, email us, as always, on, or use the handy contact form at the bottom of the screen.

Until my next review, have a great October!

That Guy

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