That Other Guys opinions on: Syria

Well, Syria. What a hornets nest, you know what i mean. My opinion, extermination. I think we should enact military action immediately, enter Syria and kill all government activists, all soldiers loyal to the regime and all actively fighting rebels. No joke, that’s what i think, and after i argue my reasoning, i think you may agree….

Well, maybe not agree, but at least understand….

Kill all soldiers loyal to the regime

This one argues itself. They are killing innocent people for a corrupt regime. They are causing the deaths of thousands and the mass exodus of millions. They can argue they were following orders, but i call on the president set by others who used that argument to justify killing innocents in the past, like: the KBG, who are responsible for the deaths in the Russian Gulags and the German SS, who were found guilty of holocaust. As far as i am concerned, that argument is against the Geneva conventions, and as such, a war crime, which, i don’t care if the UN feel they have enough evidence, i am sure they are guilty of. As such, they should be killed or taken and tried as POW.

Kill all Government activists

They are actively supporting a corrupt and civil war-mongering regime. They are protesting it’s innocence, lying to themselves and denying the hard facts put in front of them by looking at the suffering that’s all around them. Given, most live in the capital and so have to travel quite a distance before they see the extremes of conflict that there country is in. All so, some are stupid or ignorant enough to believe the gabble that they hear on there national news, or feel under threat that if they say anything or take a stand, they or there family’s will die.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about killing civilians here. No innocent bystanders, just those who support what there regime is doing because there standing in the way of progress. It’s them who will stand against a democratic government if the regime falls. It is these people who will protest in the street against western ideals. You must remember, there are those who the current regime actually favors; not everyone is beat down by dictatorships, there are those who thrive, and those who will fight to defend there success, even at the cost of civil war. These people with no consonance’s in my mind, deserve to be KIA or taken as POW.

Kill all Rebel Soldiers

Now, i like rebels. To me, the freedom fighters and the outlaws, like Robin Hood and The Rebel Alliance are to be admired. I know this argument of mine may take a lot of criticism, but these rebels are different:

Rebels sometimes have to ask the underworld for help. Normally, guns for hire and mob bosses, like Boba Fett and Jaba the Hut are the Empires aids, due to there large resources, but in this case, the mercenaries are on the “good” side.

The Syrian Rebels began there fight alone, and back then, i was all for them. Then, they started to lose, met an army they could not beat, who all so had no problem firing on civilians. They got desperate, and then many groups swooped in to take advantage, offering, men, tactics, weapons etc… Only some of these groups are extremist religious groups, and some are terrorist. It has not been confirmed, but we are fairly certain that the rebels are working with many know terrorist groups and dangerous religious extreamists, including the Taliban.

In America, if you are know to be working with a terrorist, and you are fund arrested and tried, you are found guilty of terrorism and if you are an American treason, and sentenced to death. Why should it be any different in this case? We can’t arrest every rebel and try all of them, as that would use money that we don’t have and time that we can’t afford. All so, do you think these groups are offering this aid free for nothing. We’ve all ready seen in Egypt what happens when even a few groups make up the rebel opposition. They may win together and celebrate together, but then they (literally) fight among-st themselves in the power vacuum for even a little control. Things can very easily get out of hand and then it’s back to blood shed and violence in the streets. We can’t allow this to happen in such a broken country as Syria.

Chemical weapons

The Regime went too far with the use of Chemical weapons…. This should have been the last straw but thanks to Russia’s Veto, we were only able to get a disarmament team in to neutralize all Chemical weapons in Syria. That was it, as a response to a war crime! What the hell is Russia doing defending the Syrian regime!?

Innocent Syrians

We are doing a crap job for these people. Some have lived through unimaginable hardship and feel forced out of fear to leave there homes, jobs, family and friends as they escape there country… Only to be met by a shoddy tent camp, that should only ever have been temporary; there children sent off to work in the fields for food and slave wages.

We can give them aid packs, vaccinate them, give them clothes, clean water and three meals a day; all from ration packs and aid kits. We are schooling there children, most importantly there young girls and giving free sexual education. Yet still they sleep in sleeping bags on the floor in tents, the adults have no jobs and the children who don’t work have no toys to play. There is still so much more we need to do for these people. They need re-housing, there children need to stay in education instead of in fields and there parents need jobs and a stable income. The global community focuses on the problems in Syria, but what about the problems outside of it…

That Other Guy

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