What Halloween Means These Days and What That Means For Us

Okay, so, I planned to write this, and all my other Halloween Posts, over the last week, purely because I was working a two-day week, but, unfortunately, I couldn’t be bothered on Monday or Tuesday, and we got GTA:V on Friday… So, hopefully, you understand why I’m only writing this today, Sunday, starting at 8pm, with the aim to be done by 9pm, so that I can watch Downton Abbey with my girlfriend, who has very patiently endured me playing on the TV in the living room for hours on end.

So, here it is. My opinion on Halloween, what it means, and what that means for us.

Halloween’s original purpose eludes me, but after a cursory search on Wikipedia (the world’s most reliable source of information, after us, of course), I can see that it’s to do with the start of some feast, and as such, kind of continues to be observed in a related way. You know? They used to feast, and so we take part in gluttonous devouring of sweets, chocolate and alcohol (for the older participants). In that sense, I suppose it’s better than Easter, because I still don’t get how the Easter Bunny hiding eggs everywhere has anything to do with Jesus’ resurrection…

“I can…”

But that’s only half of the story. Sure, you have the kids, and sometimes teenagers, going out and almost begging for a smorgasbord of sweets and treats, but you also have the adults who go to their costume parties where they consume a vast quantity of alcohol and dress in either a scary costume, or a slutty costume.

Me evidence? Right here! Now, don’t get me wrong… You wouldn’t catch me jacking off to any of those costumes, but of the 18 costumes listed on GOOGLE’S first page of Halloween Costumes, 11 of them are for women. Of those 11, two of them have “sexy” in the name, and again, of those 11, I would consider 7 of them to be “sexy”. Now, I’m not an expert on what is and what isn’t, but I know what I think is, and if you didn’t value my opinion, you probably wouldn’t be here. And that’s just Google. Amazon has 16 items on its first page, and of those I would call 11 costumes. Of those 11, four could be “sexy”. Ebay has 48 items, and of them, a whopping 30 fit the criteria I have. And some of those are bulk costumes, as in, it’s not just “slutty cop” or “slutty nurse”. There’s slutty everything in there… Although thankfully, not this…

So it’s not all about feasting, is it? It’s about being greedy, about making people lust for us, or about lusting for other people. Don’t get me wrong, there are worse things it could all be about, such as murdering people, or devil worshiping, or fucking animals…

Well, each to their own…

My point is, that for a day that we associate with running around after sweets, scary movies, murderers, rapists, serial killers, ghouls, ghosts, goblin, zombies, mummies, vampires, xenomorphs and the like, we haven’t decided to hide away in our homes for the night, in fear of what may be lurking under the costumes of those around us. Who of us can honestly say that we don’t think of a Texas massacre when we think of chainsaws, that the hockey mask doesn’t instill just that snippet of fear, that we think of the serial killer when we see this picture?


But that’s the power of the media. It makes us connect innocent things with the horrific, purely because of the small connection they once had. It;s ridiculous, but it works. I once wrote a story (incomplete, I should say) during which a man, to escape from a collapsing house, had to remove his own arm with a old-style potato peeler. I cannot shake that thought whenever I see one of them, now. It’s crazy.

But that’s the way the world works. It’s the way our minds work and nothing will change that. We won’t change that. And to be honest, I don’t think we should.

That Guy

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