Game With That Guy!

Good evening to you all! I’m That Guy and, despite telling you I’m about to go and play GTA V, I’m actually going to hold back for a bit and write about you can join me in games.

If you own Steam, you can add me in the usual fashion by searching for thetrekkie007 (I got Steam before I started my reviewing) and I’m usually happy to play along, so long as I have the game. Heck, if you’re willing to let me check if it will run on my computer and for me to install it, I’ll even let you gift me games. Aren’t I nice?

And what about XBox Live, eh? Well, if you were to look for ThatGuyTRS, you should find me on there. Just add that you’re a reader and I’ll add you – no questions asked. I’m limited in the game department, but I do own all of the Halo games, plus the latest GTA. I’m new at the latter’s online mode, but I’m learning.

So, hit me up and we’ll score, bro’s, or something “cool” like that. Seriously, I could do with the gaming company. I miss the online gaming scene too much to mention.

That Guy

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