Star Trek Into Darkness

New year, new me… and still unrelated intro’s. I’m back, i know how many times I’ve said that and by now, i wouldn’t blame you if you ignored me, but, this time it’s difference…. I promise! Nothing changed for this year, except me! I’m new, totally alive and ready for 2014! My 20th year and i wanna live it!

I was waiting for Benny to review this and he was waiting for me, so it’s not been done. Sorry for the technical difficulties.

Star Trek into darkness is the second in (hopefully) a series of re-done star trek movies based on the characters of the original series in an alternate reality to what happened to them the first time around, as explained in the first movie. Star Trek into darkness should have just been called, “Star Trek: Attention all Trekies, we have a surprise that’ll blow your minds!!!! ;)” or just…. KHAN!!!!!

What did i think. I loved it! I thought it was an amazing job as a remake of the original Wrath of Khan. Yes, remake. People (i know a few) have really bashed this movie for being too much like the original in many places, saying the alternate reality shit from the first movie gives them poetic license to improve the original, almost no end….

But, i agree with the writers. If they released Khan in any other story plot than his own, who would have been the first to say the original was better…. the die hard Trekies. My point is if they had deviated, they would have got just as much stick from people who loved Wrath of Khan saying that they failed to try and improve on an already perfect character story. Staying true to that plot may have restricted Khan’s character, but we got to re-explore it all over again, and this gave the writers a true freedom to put Khan in different situations and play with how it all plays out.

And, i my opinion, they couldn’t have got anyone better to play him than my favorite actor of 2013 and possibly (at least so far) 2014, Benedict Cumberbatch. He really enjoyed playing the character and i adored his emotional, or sometimes emotionless portrayal of Khan. Furthermore, as with the previous movie, i can’t fault any of the acting except Zachary Quinto, who’s portrayal of Spock never hits the spot with me. It’s mostly the writers fault wanting to explore his more human side in these movies, showing to the world just what he holds back day by day with his use of logic….Though i still believe an actor who had more experience holding back emotion with logic would give a better performance, say…. like someone with Aspergers maybe….

Despite what i just said, there is an issue with this movie that sticks out like a Borg cube in federation space. The scene where Kirk dies. In the original, it was Spock who died and Kirk who then defeated Khan, and Spock dies at the end to allow for a later movie, where they go and find Spock. Only in this, that wouldn’t work with Kirk, so they later in the movie have to bring him back to life, using Khan’s blood as the method. This suggest to me that the wirters wanted to do this iconic scene and then realized, they would have actually killed off a major character and the movie can’t end like that, so using Khans blood may have been a good way to ensure Khan only gets re-frozen and that everyone lives…. but it all so makes for a bit of a rushed ending and screams bad planning!

The scene itself, where Kirk dies. I like how they flipped that around, but otherwise, coping the old script, almost word for word, movement for movement…. *sigh*. If i was a huge fan of all the Trek movies, i may have enjoyed this scene, but as i’m only really a half hearted fan, at the best of times, it just seemed a bit lazy to me, like the writers made a great plot to start a war with the Klingon’s, a great enemy and provocateur, SOME depth, and then said, job done! It feels like they just left the ending to the fanatic work experience.

Another problem i have with the movie is the death of Admiral Pike. His death was too early. I feel his death could have been done later and to better effect. When he dies, i feel no connection. Kirk’s leaning over him crying and Spock’s touched by his death, but i was sitting with a blank look on my face, not even interested. I feel if he had been murdered later at Star Fleet HQ by Admiral Marcus as his way of coming out as a villain when somehow Pike starts figuring out what’s going on…. Sound good? Let me know in the comments.

Other than that, i loved the CGI, the hand held camera effects and screen angles. Many angrily turn from there screens at the light glare, and i feels it’s effect is good and useful…helps me feel like i’m actually there….. but good lord it’s annoying and overused to fuck.

Still, i’m a fan of Star Trek, so it can’t have been that bad 🙂

8/10 (Outstanding)

That Other Guy


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  1. As always with me, thank you all for the likes and please keep reading as there’s much more to come for 2014…. I can feel it….


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