Life is a bitch- Example 1 for 2014

So, i begin with a saying that all of us (should be) are aware of: “life is a bitch”. You’re born, life’s a bitch, you die. It’s as simple as that. I’m not doing an audio for this as it’s a life post so i don’t feel it merits it. 

My first example of this saying for this year came to me last night or this morning, depending on your perception of time. Last night, up until 11:59 pm, i had the possibility offered to me to be a stress beta tester for Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) and i all so was invited to a party. At first, i said yes to both. Obviously i didn’t want to pass up beta testing ESO, but i all so really wanted to go to this party because a friend of mine is DJing and i haven’t heard any of his material yet.

Once i realized the two over lapped, i had a plan. Beta test on Friday night, as that was when the stress test started and throughout Saturday, followed by party Saturday night. But when the time came to begin the beta test on Friday, i was out with a mate, having a good time. I thought, as i’m training to be a games tester, this opportunity now may become my full time job so my friend is more important.

When i came home, i went straight to bed, because it was late and because i have insomnia. Yesterday morning i woke up after a lie in, then watched a movie (Pitch Perfect) at the request of my sister. I then had lunch, all before i got up! I was busy in the afternoon and then i had to go get money and fuel my car for the party. Then when i got home my dad wanted to play me at COD on the X-Box.

So finally at 5 o’clock i begin the beta test….. download! I was stupid. I should have realized that i would have t download the game before i could play it, but for some reason, i went blank!

So now i had a choice – Party or game?

The old me, no hesitation, game! Party’s have not always been my thing. Socializing either, but this new year, new me…. I really wanted to go, as i’m actually very good now at party’s and socializing and loud music is becoming my thing. But eventually, i chose game. There was no way if there was even a slight chance of playing the game was there that i was going to just pass it up, without even trying.

Unfortunately, the stress test ended at 12:59 and currently the download is at 67% at 01:17, so i missed it. Plus, just as a kick in the teeth, this meant i have’haven’t been to the party and my friend was the DJ for 12 till 1 so he’s probably on his way home now as i type. So i had a chance tonight to do two equally amazing things and ended up doing neither. Life is a bitch!

I see this as a test of my New Year, New Me resolve, and let me tell you 2014…. I’M NOT QUITTING!!!

That Other Guy

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