That Other Guys Top and Bottom 5’s of 2013

So, to Sum up 2013 for me, it’s gone, Glass Collecting and JSA, Charity work, Learning to Cook, Leaving the kitchen, Christmas and now i’m back where i started for 2014, but no threat – I’m just passing Go and Collecting my £200. Though on my way round the board last year, as always, there were some things that stood out, so here are my 5 highlights, and 5 lowlights of 2013:

5) Favorite song

If you’re expecting this to be a Jessie J creation then you know me well… but it’s not. This year i was most impressed by the powerfully sung, powerful lyrics, vivid imagery and intent of the song… Unconditionally by Katy Perry. This song touched me, not to mention the guy in the very artistic lyrics video is just smoldering <3. I love the meaning to this song, whereas i would have loved my worst song of last year to have at least had a meaning…

5) Least Favorite Song

What does the Fox say is my least favorite song of last year and already the lead contender of worst song of the decade, and a strong contender for worst song I’ve heard in my entire life, and i liked Crazy Frog people! This song shows how bad the music industry and standards of this country and America have become. If i wanted a child’s animal noises toy sang to me, i would have gone to a tone death, morbidly depressed six year old orphan with no vocal talent and asked him to sing it to me. It would have been better…. Imagine the sympathy vote!

4) Favorite Movie

My favorite movie for 2013, despite only scoring an 8 in my own review due to many problems with it, is Star Trek: Into Darkness. It was the movie i most looked forward to, it has my favorite actor in it, it had a fight between Khan and Spock, which got my nerd gland pulsating like a vain on a seriously sex depraved erect penis, and when i watched it i metaphorically Nerd-cummed all over it! I loved it, and i did say it didn’t have to be the best movie of 2013, just my favorite.

4) Least Favorite Movie

After Earth was a disappointment. It is my worst movie of last year, but last year was a good year for movies, in my opinion, so it’s not saying much. I wanted to like this, as it’s my favorite genre and had the Smiths in it. I like the Smiths, so i was prepared to the really like this movie. I really was. Then i watched and it was slow, Jaden’s character was annoying, Jadan’ acting was annoying as i know he can do better and i was completely unimpressed by the whole thing. Will gave good character, as he always does, but he shouldn’t direct unless it’s comedy, i’m sorry, but After Earth sucked.

3) Favorite Book

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry…. The hankies came out for this book, the joy and sadness of the story really touched me. I didn’t even care about the writing or the Rachel Joyce (The Author), i just wanted to know what happens next. A really for-filling and emotional read.

3) Least Favorite Book

I really didn’t buy or read that many books last year, and only one of them was published last year, so i can’t say i have a Least Favorite book of 2013. However, my least favorite READ of 2013, was a piece of erotic literature i found on the internet. Do not judge, let me explain, i tend to visit a website that promotes amature litrature. I’ve even wrote a piece or two and submitted them for public reading. Anyway, i was travelling through using the random button and came across this piece. Normally, when i see a title suggesting erotic things, i shrug, sigh, say “oh deary me”, and potter along to the next random piece. I was at the word “deary” when i realized they had misspelled a word in the title. Anyway, pot calling the kettle black, i ventured further and never had i seen a more rubbish written piece in my life, except some of my own work. It wasn’t even finished….

2) Favorite TV show

Dave Gorman: Modern life is goodish. I loved this because, for the second time in my life, i came to know i wasn’t alone in my criticism of modern life and all its peculiarities and oddities, its funny people and funnier rules. The way he points all these things out in his own stand up style, alongside his PowerPoint and occasionally, a prop. It was funny, it was entertaining, it was eye opening, and it was (almost) all true! Thank you Dave Gorman, and also, carrying over the found poems from your radio show was an amazing finishing touch; like the cherry on top.

2) Least favorite TV show

The third series of The Walking dead. I didn’t even watch it after the second episode, again! I am thoroughly impressed by how it could start in series one so well, and then drop so far, and for so long and still not be any better, even now. This was going to be a series that would have rocked the zombie craze onto the small screen full time…. WTAF happened! Did the good writers die or something. I think all the writers died as soon as they began to copy the graphic novels! Which i didn’t like!

1) Favorite Game

Batman Arkham Origins…. Need i say more (If you’re reading this and saying “yes you do”, then please look into the annuls of history on our site to see just how much i know and love Batman. Once you get a sense for that, the reasoning behind my choice should be self explanatory).

1) Least Favorite Game

Although i was annoyed with many games last year, i’m pretty sure every single one of them was released years ago, so like i did for books, i don’t have a worst game from 2013, but i do have a worst PLAY of 2013, and it is Left 4 Dead 2. Why? On its own merits, L4D2 is a great game, but the game has caused me literally hours of frustration online being kicked from almost every game i join. Being called a noob, abused and sweared at! Two things: One: I am a noob but why is that a bad thing and Two: Why are you all so intolerant. Why do you kick players at the first sign of incompetency. How do you expect me to get good if you never let me play a full game. If it bugs you that much, then help me, teach me how to play properly, make me better! But for the Love of all that is good and pure in this world, DON’T JUST FUCKING KICK ME AND RUIN MY DAY! I HATE YOU ALL!!!….

That Other Guy

A few honorable mentions:

  • GTA 5
  • Wild by Jessie J ft BIG Shawn and Dizzy Rascal
  • It’s my party by Jessie J
  • Animals by Avicii
  • Marvels Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D

A few Dis-honorable mentions:

  • Man of Steel (Batman always Wins)
  • La La La by Naughty Boy ft Sam Smith

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