This Generation of Consoles

So today, i’m going to type about this gens consoles. Weighing them up, comparing them, and then picking a winner and the one i will buy. For those who don’t know, this Gens console selection is: From Sony, the PlayStation 4. Fighting for Microsoft, the Xbox One and for the veteran that is Nintendo, the Wii U.

Firstly, i have no bias towards any of the individual consoles mentioned because i own none of them. I do however own a Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360, but don’t think that means anything. My Wii, like many others i know, is in the corner of the T.V. unit collecting dust. It occasionally sees the light through the living room blinds when we have a party, and by we i mean me and by party i mean the family/just me. As for the 360, well Microsoft have lost a lot of points with me over the past year by really fucking up my dads account. He’s of the older generation, i’m sure he wouldn’t mind me telling you he’s in his 50’s and he can’t keep up with technology, but despite this Microsoft really fucked up. They misspelled his email address and then refused to change it for 6 months, spelling it…. Who in a multi-million dollar, world wide business hired a call center guy who can’t spell internet! And then, refuses to change it, telling us it’s our mistake for giving them the wrong email address! Then the security snafu last summer locked him out of his account. I was only able to fix it and allow him back in about 7 weeks ago now, so that’s 5 to 6 months of being locked out for no good reason! I still hold no bias because although Microsoft have really pissed me off, my account through this whole fiasco has been fine, so with that out of the way…

PlayStation 4
Sony really bummed with the PS3. It was beaten in sales by the Xbox 360, Sony’s Blue-ray has been almost completely beaten by HD and 3D, plus the PS3 aimed at being a home entertainment system, and it was; it just lost sight of being a games console as well. Having memory storage problems and connectivity issues in earlier models put the nails in its coffin. But Sony are pulling back this year with the PS4. A games console that is now a home entertainment system on the side, it is the fastest and most powerful console of the three. The graphics are incredible, obviously it plays Blue-ray but now you can watch or live stream HD as well. It’s upload capabilities for sharing game footage, screen shots, or new creations/Mods is at new hights, using a whole second microchip purely of uploads. Not wireless as far as i can tell, but supporting Ethernet connection, the PS4 could be the console to beat this year!

Xbox One
Microsoft have released the Xbox One, the successor to the 360. With there fast found success, it’s easy to forget that this is only Microsoft’s’ third console. After the overwhelming success of the 360, the one has big shoes to fill, but it’s already stumbled. Microsoft have lost a lot of sales before they even released the console by releasing first some conditions. One of which that sticks in my mind was that a Microsoft account must be used on the Xbox or online once a day every day to be maintained for security reasons. I think Microsoft have gone security mad! I don’t know about the rest of you, but my Xbox can sometimes sit for weeks without use, so the idea of going on it at least once every day seems ridiculous to me!

The Other major problem they’ve been having is the camera on the Kinect 2 being constantly on when plugged into the console. Now, if you find this a problem, i should point out its easily fixable. Place the Kinect behind the moniter or screen and then they can’t record you and you can still use the voice commands. Or use a piece of blue tack, or tape. For me it’s not the fact that the camera is always on that’s the problem. For me, it’s that the security mad pricks that run Microsoft felt it was necessary. I can understand its use in finding abusive players, finding cheaters and hackers, but for the average person and people without Xbox live its just spying, and at what meeting in what universe did the pricks at Microsoft think that spying on there customers was a good idea? They have lost my respect for that, and so i’m happy to say now that i won’t be buying the one.

Wii U
This was weak against last gens consoles. The Wii was the best selling console of the last generation. Don’t believe me, ok: think about every one of your friends who has EITHER a Xbox or PlayStation. Now think what all your friends consoles, whatever they may be, are sitting next to in the T.V. unit…. yep, a Wii. There everywhere! So, Nintendo thought, after such a prosperous console, how could they improve on it, and they came to the conclusion that people weren’t using the console because they like controllers with analog sticks and buttons, so they tweaked the Wii and added a more conventional control, called it the Wii U and released it. My criticism, its not different enough.

Business wise they made the best decision making small improvements on a success, so as not to ruin it, but they have ruined it by basically releasing another Wii, just with another voul added and a controller. It has complete backwards capability, which means it can play all Wii games and use all Wii equipment and controllers. “But I’ve already got a Wii”. You can use the remote to play Wii U games sitting down and the remote allows for more dynamic game play, but that’s it! The internet  for the console is unimproved; hardware and firmware wise it’s still the worst console out there and the software, as per Nintendo, is very lovely to look at, but easily breakable. This is a Flop! I’m calling it now, Wii U, worst selling console of this gen.

So my favorite, by far the PlayStation 4. But i won’t buy any of them! I’m going to wait for the surprise fourth way. Haha, i didn’t mention this in the intro, surprise motherfuckers!

4)… The Steam OS
It’s the Steam OS aka: Operating System, and what it will be is a small hard-drive box that can connect to your T.V. and give you the Steam operating system, as seen on any PC. The box will all so be totally internet capable as effectively, it will download the game from the internet, just as it does for when you play it on your computer/laptop/ipad, but instead, it’ll be on your T.V.! And it will, hopefully, be able to connect to any type of controller as long as you set up the button system. This could mean four way split screen with four different controllers on L4D2!!! Can it get better?

All Mods will be available, all games available, all downloadable content at Steam prices. I can’t wait!

They have announced the concept and the development but no actual, fully functioning unit has been showcased yet. It is definitely coming though!

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