Wreck it Ralph

Warning, unrelated intro!: I don’t feed my cats… Don’t worry, there not starving to death gnawing on my toes as you read! No, my family feed them, but i don’t. I love my cats very dearly. Mellany, our 20 odd year old is senile and has a mental condition that results in her mewing out, often for 10 or 15 minuets, for either water or attention; and i don’t mean love and cuddles, i mean she gets your attention, one stroke! And then she’s happy. I could love her more if she didn’t spend her days wailing at me from the bathroom. Tilly, our four year old tyrant is a “cute and i know it” playful tike who’s scared of me half the time, and a little tart to me the rest.

Warning, this may go on for a while: I do sometimes give them food from my plate when they beg (Yes, i know i shouldn’t…. but you try saying no to Tilly, the cutest cat in the world…. seriously! Or Mellany, who will sit there for your entire meal) but i don’t feed them because in my house it’s too much hassle. First, the two of them want feeding at different times. Next day, there double timing you. My mum and dad feed them twice a day, only they don’t, they feed them when it suits them. But if i feed them, there’s a problem, because they only get feed twice a day! And then it, “when did you feed them?” and “How much did you feed them?”. I try to explain but before long the accusations are flying, mostly from my farther who rarly feeds them himself, being at work all week and all, but still!

Seriously, if you came to read the review, just skip this: And then it becomes my job to feed them again because im the only one who knows how much they had and when, so only i can now feed them today. But the cats start calling for food when i’m not in the kitchen and then i’m starving them, so i put food in there bowls, and i’m accused of fattening them! Seriously, my mum gives them treats like there angles from heaven. If she had fed much as much chocolate as a kid as she gives them treats, i’d be in a bariatric ward right now! So to avoid all the accusations, the arguments, the responsibility… i don’t feed my cats, ok. Wow, i feel a lot better. Lets get to the review shall we:

So my sister invited me to watch this movie. I hadn’t built a lot of hopes up from the trailers, or even the special i watched, where they mentioned Ralph looked exactly like the actor voicing him. I thought this movie was going to be a childish dive, but no. I was pleasantly surprised.


I want to start with the story. I loved the story. The idea that game characters are sentient, can move between games via the snakes nest of plugs and wires in an arcade. It was a fantastic vision, something i hadn’t got from a movie in a long time. The story was all so very well structured and explained as it unfolded. The fact that it referenced many games but only really involved three key games was a perfect move. They may have done it to keep it simple as it is a kids movie, but i think the simplicity of that method has made some great movies in the past. One thing i would change is that i would have had Pixar make it, instead of Disney, because Pixar could have referenced many more games in easter eggs as part of the background or something, like they do so well.

I have to admit, i did not see the ending coming. I look back on that now in retrospect and feel i should have, the amount of times Turbo was mentioned and the obvious duplicity of King Candy, but the movie did have me believe that Turbo was dead, along with his game, and the game he tried to conquer, so it did want the end to be a surprise, and i was surprised. How the movie twist was so simple and so well done surprised me just as much, because i’m the guy the who understood inception the first time round (And i will wear that badge of honour till people hate me for it!) and this movie. This unassuming little kids movie caught me completely oblivious as to what was going on, but it all made so much sense, i never questioned it.

The theme for the movie is self explanatory. The gamer inside me, and the geek loved the concept. I mean literally, feel in love with it. Laggy old graphics to HD clarity, sweet old game concepts to violent new ones! It represented arcade games very well and i even felt as though there is so much more that could be done with it. The idea of going Turbo for a sequel with another game or character is there, or even just social meetings between game characters, like the bad guy council meeting in pacman’s enemy starting area, or at that root bear bar. I would happily subscribe to any of those.

One other thing i loved about this movie is you can tell the writers really had fun with it. Bad guys struggling to be bad, a big part of the story. Satan pronouncing his own name Sau-teen. They were just mucking around, and i adored that! I want more movies like this!

Normally here i would put: “only i was upset with…” and i’m not because i’m sitting here trying to think of something i hated, something i disliked or even just something that could have been done a little better…. and all i can think off is how good it was that they made a actual game bu out to be a game destroying bug/virus.

The characters were not very well developed. Obviously Ralph was, and Felix Jr was relatable and we saw the Captain woman’s tragic backstory, but none of the other characters had much to them. Only, i don’t care! How many characters in 64 bit games have a personality beyond acting out the occasional programed responce or a speech bubble with some text in it. Even today, game characters still suffer from under-development and lack of personality… DAM YOU BETHESDA!! The only other character i wanted development for was Turbo, because all we find out is he’s a power obsessed psychopath (It’s not his fault, he was programed that way) who gets jealous when others get the spotlight. Only, i’m not even going to score the movie down on that because his under-development allows me to hate him a lot more as the pantomime baddie. I love to hate Turbo and so i’m happy with that.

All so, i’m happy with this movie as a whole. I can find no problem to big with it, the voice acting was emotive and on point all the way through. I think even the little things make this movie perfect because all the little things were perfect, all the time, and you know what, this movie is, in my mind, perfect.


That Other Guy

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