Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis

Good evening! I’m That Guy, and this is the second review in my new series of reviews, and the first of the Time Warp Tuesday series. Today, it’s a song from before the turn of the century. Bit of a time warp, in my eyes.

There’s a special story about this song which I can’t forget – one time, at a concert, Oasis didn’t sing a word of the song. It was all the audience. That’s a well known song, known by a lot of people. If anything, that’s one hell of an achievement.

Oasis was always compared to the Beatles, and to be honest, if any song makes that a valid comparison, it’s this one. The one that unites the fans in a completely unexpected and remarkable way.

You’ve got the guitar, simple, yet a bit all over. There’s no urgency, but its very planned. The drums are in just the right places and as for the vocals, there’s a few bits that have greater impact than the rest.

Take me to the place where you go,
Where nobody knows if it’s night or day,
Please don’t put your life in the hands,
Of a Rock n Roll band,
Who’ll throw it all away,

To me, that’s a very (let’s get away from here and be by ourselves) and (one day, no matter what, we’ll be gone) sort of verse. Maybe it’s just me, but regardless of what it really means, its a good song.

But like a lot of songs, there’s a few flaws. You’ve got the burn my heart out bit and it just sounds so whiney to me. I mean, seriously. The guys can sing, but some bits of this song would make you think they got to the live audience stage of Britain’s Got Talent so we could have a laugh…

All in all, its a great song, despite the flaws. I like it, at any rate, and I know a lot of people do.


That Guy

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