So, for the first of my Funny Friday reviews, my weekly writeup about something considered ‘Comedy’, I’m going to review Inbetweeners, the TV series, as opposed to the movie.

Inbetweeners, as I believe Benny reviewed last year, is a piece of comedy genius. I think so, you think so, a lot of people think so. It manages to give what we expect to be a stereotypical look at the last few years of pre-university education in Britain, whilst surpassing our belief in what actually happens by doing what all the best comedies do, and blow it to a still real, but definitely exaggerated level.

For those of you that haven’t seen Inbetweeners, the show revolves around 4 lads who don’t fit in to any of the other cliques in their education facility. There’s Will, an ex-posh school kid with a fit mum, no sense of how to fit in and a determination to make friends. Then there’s Jay, the guy who bullshits about his sexual prowess and pretty much everything he says is a lie. There’s Neil, the resident moron and finally, Simon, the most normal one of the lot, with a crush on a girl he’s known his whole life.

They struggle their way through your typical education scenarios – lackluster attitude teachers, exams, girls, family and a paedophile teacher (to be honest though, that’s not a typical school thing – we Brits do not have paedophiles in every school). They face work experience, shitting in an exam hall, trying to get laid, being chased out of a university student’s home for making unwanted sexual advances, being accused of paedophilia and threats from schoolmates and neighbours. All in all, they have a really bad time of it, failing in everything but their education, and in a few cases, even then.

The comedy works brilliantly with the setting, the characters create a fantastic atmosphere and no matter what anyone else may say, Greg Davies, the guy who plays their head of form, is quite possibly, one of the best comedy guys I can think of. In fact, I might do a list for that soon.

Okay, so the show is great, the comedy surprisingly realistic and after seeing most of the episodes dozens of times, I still laugh and cringe in all the right places.


That Guy

Oh, and for today’s chance to enter the birthday prize draw, prize still pending, answer this question in the comments section – first correct answer gets entered – what is the name of the shows resident bully? Never mind the spelling – I can’t get it right myself, so you’re all off the hook too…

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