F1 2010

I was told today that I have a ‘passion and flair’ for writing, by one of our readers. I won’t embarrass you by saying who you are, but thank you. There have been times when I deeply contemplated ending my reviewing… Well… Not career, but considered stopping without any intention of returning. It’s comments like yours that keep me coming back. That said, let’s hope today’s review sticks true to your opinion, eh?

I’m not a sports fan, so for me, playing any kind of sport or sports game has to be quick, enjoyable and rooted in happy memories. Now, F1 2010 is two of those things, for me. I find it enjoyable, and I recall the days when me, my mother and my father would!d cycle from our house in Peterborough, to my Aunt’s house in Peterborough for Sunday lunch, ending up watching Formula One, back when Schumacher was more into championships than into skiing – on a side note, I find it a shame that a man of his skill has had his career ruined by something so ridiculously boring as skiing…

So, I watched a lot of Formula One growing up – the excitement, the crashes, the women who hold up the little numbered poles… The whole shebang. Needless to say, the chance to play a game of it and potentially become a Formula One World Champion, even in a video game, is quite appealing. Its like playing Pokémon. It’s just a game, but you wanna be the best anyway, right?

Let me start by saying that, if you do it all properly, as in, the game like they do it in real life, then you have a great attention span. I have found myself drifting off a bit because of the monotony of one perfect lap after another, and no, I’m not blowing my own trumpet – this evening, I came 27 seconds ahead of 2nd place, whilst driving a Lotus, in my first season. Yeah. For those of you who know anything about Formula One, you’ll know that’s impressive, even on easy with assisted braking and the ‘racing line’ on the floor.

But I do get drowsy. I honestly do. If I ever can’t sleep, I do a bit of practice and don’t let it save, because I’m guaranteed to fall asleep and so long as I’m off the track when I do, heck, maybe even do a Massa and pass out, there should be no problems in terms of penalties for obstructing the track.

It’s not an easy game – Monaco proves that, and Valencia is a son of a bitch – but it can be a bit boring. Give me a hundred laps and I can guarantee a win, but if you’ll let me get away with 12, I’ll settle for 7th. I want to play and enjoy the high speed, the corners, the vibration when I hit an apex, the roar of the engines, the multiple choice interviews and the sound of some guy whose accent I can’t place telling me they thought I’d do crap, but I don’t want to do it for long. I’ll do a whole weekend at a time, but I’ll rarely do two. It’s just not worth the effort of staying awake, sometimes.

So, Formula One, 2010. Exciting, boring, middle ground with hints of piss-easy and shit-hard all wrapped in one little pancake called motor-sport.


That Guy

For today’s chance to enter our birthday draw, prize still unknown, answer the following question in the comments – which ONE driver, stepped aside to allow Lewis Hamilton to achieve the 5th place finish he needed, to secure the world championship win, in 2008? Full name only, spelling matters.

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