Mock The Week

Today is Tuesday. TV Tuesday. Today, I have opted to review Mock The Week, the show that pokes fun at the last week of news.

I like comedy a lot. I love to laugh and lately, I haven’t laughed a lot. Why that is, I don’t know, but I do know that I want to laugh more.

One technique I’m using is watching more comedy shows – Dave Gorman, Stewart Lee, stuff by guys like them. No Miranda Hart – I’ve seen enough of her undies to last a lifetime and that’s just from Call The Midwife…

I’m particularly fond of Mock The Week for a few simple reasons:

1 – It introduced me to a lot of comedians that I can’t get enough of, such as Mickey Flannigan, Frankie Boyle and Milton Jones.

2 – No matter when you watch a repeat, everything makes sense, because they make it make sense.

3 – The theme song is easy to sing along to.

So, all three points considered, I have a few things to thank Mock The Week for. The faults I can think of are with individual guests, not the show itself, so the only complaint I have is that, sometimes, the guests are shite. Name a show that doesn’t have that problem…


That Guy

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