Legend Of Grimrock

I remember the old days when I’d sit and play Eye of the Beholder 2 and wonder why the creepy religious people were tying to kill me… I still don’t quite know…

Legend Of Grimrock is one of those grid based dungeon crawlers where you go north, east, south or west, fight some shit and pick stuff up. Sounds boring, right?


Why, though, I hear you ask. Well, its not boring because there is more to it than just fighting minsters in a dungeon. You progress through the game by solving puzzles and climbing down the mountain of Grimrock, a sort of prison thing. There’s monsters and magic and potions and all sorts in the dungeon and the only hope of a way out is down.

It’s an intriguing game. The puzzles are clever, there’s a lot to watch out for and no matter what anyone says, it’s amazing that when one of your characters dies, you drag them around and they can still carry torches. Absolutely brilliant.

There’s a lot of character development as well – you need to know what you want to do, who you want to so it and position them in such a way that they can. It’s like micromanaging a football team, but with weapons.

It’s also a difficult game. I’m currently on floor 5 – level 5 – and I think I have missed something big, as I don’t have a key I need. I now have to go back, find the key and find a way to get back to the locked door again. Not easy, but I’ll do it eventually. That’s the joy – you can leave it and come back.

Despite all this though, there are a few places where it is stacked against you. A single bad battle can mess you up, just because the monster spits poison gas and you take too long to swing again. The AI has a few flaws – one skeleton kept turning instead of walking, so I sat and waited til it made its mind up.


That Guy

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