That Guy’s Favourite Characters: Part Four

Part four of my current series of themed Thursday write-ups. Who will it be today? Well, I shall give you a clue I gave a week ago – he looks like a tall older Benny.

That’s right! Jonathan Creek,  as played by Alan Davies. He is a  magical genius who uses his knowledge of magic to solve crimes.

The thing I like about Jonathan Creek is that he uses he gives off the feeling that Columbo, or Poirot, or Sherlock gives off – heck, he’s Sherlock but slower, and before Benedict was acting! It’s the feeling of knowing everything there is to know, and knowing it before you know you don’t know it. I like that in some characters.

I don’t know why, buy it does seem quite common for a know it all in a specialist field, in the media at least, to be a crime solver. I must tap into that… A fish doctor working as a murder mystery detective…

He doesn’t care about how he looks, he just cares about magic and getting the job done. He is condescending, but doesn’t mean to be. He just wants to be happy and get stuff done and to me, that makes him a character that is worth liking.

Plus, his show is great for making you think laterally…

That Guy

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