Happy Birthday!

Well, today is May 13th, 2014. That means that today is the third anniversary of the creation of TGTRS, the posting of it’s very first post AND, most importantly, a day where I got a lie-in one in the afternoon (although, to be fair, I was up VERY late).

As a team, we’ve discussed various ways of improving things for us, yourselves and the world as a whole. At the start of June, you’ll start seeing us acting on those changes as well as, hopefully, the implementation of an idea I developed yesterday. If all goes well, we won’t release that until the end of the year (you’ll see why when we do it) but it is something to look out for.

For now, though, check out what we’ve written over the last 3 years, let us know what you want to see more of and most of all, tell your mates that we’re here in this little corner of the web, so that next year, the party might be just that little bit bigger…

That Guy

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