TOG’s opinion on… The EU MEP elections

Warning: The following post is political covering recent issues and discussions. Any opinions given or discussed in the following text are mine or quoted of those who have spoken publicly on these issues and may cause offence.


So, the MEP elections for England are coming up soon ( a few weeks) and it has bought about the issue of Europe and is it good for Britain. Some say Europe is a necessary and i believe the opinion polls point to most feeling it is now time to leave. The arguments as i understand them are thus:

Pro Europe
We need to be part of the uniting world and the EU is the way to do that. We can’t afford to get left behind and if were not involved in the EU and they do something we don’t agree with, by not being in we for fit our right to have an opinion on there actions, despite still being considered part of the Continent of Europe. Human rights is something all people deserve and we are helping the EU lead the world in this shared belief. The shared laws made and supreme court system holds all criminals in all countries to the same standards of law and thus allows for no bias in the justice system. We need there trade, we need there friendship and so we need the EU.

Anti Europe
Europe is crushing this country under it’s weight. It’s court system has removed the power from our supreme court, it’s human rights have prevented justice being done and it’s laws and regulations have undermined the sovereignty of our government. We are no longer in control of our own country. Our open boarders are uncontrolled and our country’s hard earned money is pouring into Europe to support it’s Euro banks, which we don’t even participate in, and till a few years ago, our money was all so used to settle the debts of other country’s in the bail out fund. We don’t need there trade, we have the commonwealth, America and a new trade deal to be struck with China. We don’t need the EU, we need to be Great Britain again.


So, the opinions are polarized and the battleground is set; and many many parties are getting involved in the fray. So many new parties have emerged because of the issue of Europe, almost all of them just because of Europe, trying to buy publicity of it. So many in fact, and so many unprofessional that i’m not going to wast my time going through all of them, or in fact, that many, just the ones i believe to matter. So, starting at the left wing:


They, if elected, will try and participate in Europe in Britons best interests. They want to see us a working member of the EU, so if your Pro Europe, this is an option for you. They want to try and make Europe work for Britain so we get all of the benefits and none of the perceived faults. They believe this country is better off with the EU, that we can stay in the EU and still have it benefit us, with human rights and an unbiased court system. They believe if we leave the EU we will get left behind and as Great Britain is still a world player (maybe not power…) that we can’t afford to let that happen.

Liberal Democrates

They too are a vote to remain in Europe, although they agree with what David Cameron is doing in negotiating a new deal for Britain in Europe. They want to do some sort of the same thing, only they promise no in/out referendum. They want to see Britain, as a world player, remain in Europe and have a say in current European affairs and retain our power and positive reputation. They accept there are problems with Europe and that we need to do things about these problems, thus renegotiation’s are on the table for them, but overall they are pro Europe.


The Conservatives are playing both ends of the table. If you are pro Europe, then the Conservatives say they are for you because they want to stay in Europe, they are not saying they’ll leave Europe if elected and if you have any problems with Europe and our deal with Europe, then great, because David Cameron is going to make a new deal for Britain in Europe removing all your grievances but keeping our place in the EU.
Equally, if you are for leaving the EU, then great, vote conservative because they say they all so represent you as well. It is the Euro-skeptics that have David Cameron renegotiating our deal with Europe in the first place and the Conservatives are the only party offering an in/out referendum in 2017.

UK Independence party

UKIP are the growing voice of the Euro-skeptics, the coming storm of the “better of out” campaign and the right wing threat to the conservatives. UKIP do not offer an in/out referendum; instead every vote for UKIP is considered a vote to leave the EU and UKIP, if they get the elected majority of MEP’s will begin working on getting Britain out of the EU.


Personally now…. I don’t want to be in the EU any more. I don’t like how there court system has undermined British law and i really don’t like, with a passion, Human rights because they don’t make sense to me, they prevent human testing in the pursuit of scientific knowledge and they allow know terrorists, illegal immigrants and preachers of hate and extremism to remain in our country against our country’s wishes, in one case, famously, because he had a cat…. American readers, i kid you not.

So for me, the choice was clearly Conservative, UKIP, potentially BNP or a party of little importance. I think the conservatives are being very mature about the whole thing, giving it one last go , a new deal for Britain. Then, after a few years under this new deal, in 2017, they will give us an in/out referendum to decide whether the new deal has worked and we’ll stay in or whether it hasn’t and we still want to leave. Yes, if we leave the EU we will lose some respect and world position but we hopefully won’t lose too much trade with Europe and we always have the commonwealth, America and China to fall back on.

Only, i think because the Conservatives promised an in/out referendum this term and didn’t deliver, plus the fact that 2017 is suspiciously close to the next election and term boundary, that i honestly think that, if elected, they will delay it again to 2020, dangling it like a carrot to the British public, in order to earn there votes, and i don’t want to go through that, so, i’m voting UKIP.

I want out of the EU, what about you?

That Other Guy

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