No, i haven’t bought an Xbox One as i said i wouldn’t. I still don’t want to buy a console from the company who thought it was a good idea to spy on there customers (at least publicly, i mean if they don’t know about it fine but don’t go telling them for pity’s sake…). No, i dutifully waited for it to come out on 360, back before i knew how evil/stupid Microsoft was (depending on your point of view), to have my parents buy it for me before i could as a late Easter present… I love my parents ❤ 


I all so love giant smashy robots, so lets get on with this review. Who knew T.I.T.A.N.F.A.L.L spelled “Fun”. It is the first thing that jumps out at a reviewer like me, that this game is “Fun!” with a capital f.

You may think, “Sure TOG, it’s fun, but shouldn’t it be?” and yes, you’d be right, it should be; but what you don’t know is it’s not easy to make games fun. To avoid a bunch of boaring shit that you guys need not worry about, it comes down to this simple basic: Challenging verses Rewarding. If a game is too challenging, then your not having fun, because you’re pulling your hair out screaming, yelling at it, rage quitting with every close call and every slight bug/glitch that causes a death or penalty. Equally, if a games too rewarding, aka easy, you get shit board, pretty shit quick. Some players may even become offended, playing a game for pussy’s.

If you get the balance right though, it is fun, and THIS.SHIT.IS.FUN!

The challenging part: Other players, frustratingly ‘slightly-to-large’ gaps and acquiring of skill and experience to play game well.

Rewards: Grunts, aka: AI bots automatically involved in the game are easy to kill, even in large numbers, making you feel AWESOME! Calling down your super OP titan, which you can customize as a load out and being able to double jump kick a enemy player to death from 20 ft away, making you feel like Chuck Norris!

PLUS – it can’t go without saying that this is a large commercial game that for the first time in a long time has introduced the double jump as standard, not as an optional extra in a load out, something that has to be earn’t or only available with one class. The double jump is tried and tested fun and adds a third dimension to the game that other FPS’s like COD, the makers of whom worked on this game, just don’t have. You might be able to go up the stairs in a building, out the top window and sit on a bit of roof (Standoff COD:BO2), but in this game you can double jump up a building and wall run along the side of a wall to jump up to the next, even higher roof top along. It makes the whole map feel more open than other FPS games, almost to the same level as Battlefield 3. Every scenery aspect may not be affected by battle damage like that game, but just by removing a height ceiling, the map just feels so much bigger.

This is the future, and that is reflected in all aspects of the game. The Virtual training pod and screen view from within the Titan, the maps, the weapons the pilot appeal. Everything is future-esk and the way sci-fi should be: imaginative but believable and eventually achievable.


The graphics would be better on the One i’m sure, and so would the lighting, sound and special effects, but i don’t care because i love this game. I was always geared to love it. A futuristic sci-fi future with titans and advanced soldiers has been a dream of mine confined to the table top of Warhammer 40K, until now! The beauty of this game is the score sheet and player ranking doesn’t mean squat. I’ve had games where I’ve been top of the board because I’ve bought down 10 titans, but I only killed one enemy pilot. In another game i killed one pilot and no titans – as soon as i got in my titan it blew up and i died a fair few times, but i had loved that game because strategically i had played well, helped my team a lot and killed about 20 AI grunts in four teams of 5 single-handed! So it doesn’t matter if your level 45 or 5, you can have good games and bad games equally, but i can honestly say i have not played a single game, even when my team had our ass’s handed to us, where I’ve come away feeling frustrated or even unhappy!

I would honestly say, if you loved COD, Halo, anything futuristic or any FPS game, give this a go, because i honestly think not many people, in the world, will dislike this game.

I think it’s the perfect FPS, so: 10/10

That Other Guy

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