TOG’s Diary entry 2

Date: Thursday 22 May 2014

Time: 4:15 pm

Ambient Room Temperature:  21.3 C


Today’s entry, shoes.


I cannot stress the importance of shoes in my life. They are desperately important. I’m not saying i’m a shoe enthusiast, as a study (i can’t remember which, where, or who did it…) showed think about there shoes once every seven seconds, but i am a fan of the many varieties and styles of shoes. My absolute favorites have to be traditional Brogues in black.

Ahh, if sex was a shoe….


In my life i have owned shoes, trainers and plimsolls (Only for PE/Gym, i swear!). I began with just typical school shoes and cheep knock about trainers. As i got to secondary school my appreciation for footwear grew. I expanded my collection to school shoe, casual trainer, low ankle boots and formal trainers. You may wonder why i had formal trainers when i had school shoes to wear to do’s or fancier occasions. It was because i preferred trainers as they fit and felt better on my feet, i thought they looked better and these formal trainers were £80 K-Swiss trainers in white with black trim and gloss. I know tacky and trust me, these couldn’t have been further from it. Now i have downsized a bit to formal shoes, smart/casual shoes and knock about trainers (Lonsdale black high tops: were £65, got them for £15!).

As i have gotten older, my general thinking is i have grown out of the time when i would, and could, wear trainers with smart clothes to smart do’s. I have surpassed the age where wearing trainers everywhere is accepted by all; now i’m at the age where they are restricted to casual wear or being used as actual training shoes while running, cycling or in a gym (not that you’d catch me dead in a gym!).

Sorry, had to pause it:

My cat hiding from the lighting storm


My point being, i like shoes, AND lighting storms…. and cats, and now all my family are home. It was all fine up to that last point 😛

That Other Guy


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