TOG’s opinion on the current rise of UKIP


Well, as you know from my MEP election piece from last week or so, i gave my opinion on the MEP election and even told you all that i was voting  UKIP, which i did. The thing is there was all so some local elections happening at the same time… and i think people got a little confused.

I voted UKIP in the European elections because i agree with there EU policy, aka: leave. I all so know this view is gaining popularity at a rate with the other parties are concerned about, but up till the other night, nothing was confirmed. Only, when it was confirmed the other night that UKIP has grown in popularity, gaining over 100 council seats in one night although still not running any councils or having an MP, is pretty amazing for a fourth party. Only, what i can’t get through my head is that it was a rise in popularity shown in LOCAL elections. Those are the elections of council members to gain a majority for a party to run the council. so why did so many vote UKIP.

If people don’t like the conservatives, UKIP will make them far more miserable. They have called for harsher spending cuts, steeper tax increases and more cuts on social benefits and welfare. They want to re-privatize many industry’s to be payed for and controlled by them, using the tax payers money. Some good points though: they do want to create more jobs, promote apprenticeships and are determined to tackle youth unemployment, but they were calling for the Uni fee increase, they want to cut the green tax on businesses increasing there scope to do environmental damage. Although they do want bankers bonuses cut and heavier levies on banks, small businesses opening and revenue going up; I just don’t know how they plan to do this.

What i’m saying is a government under UKIP will be more austere and hard lined, geared towards large government, so why are people who never voted for those ideals before, voting for them now, and i don’t think it’s just because of a mass change of opinion. I think people are voting UKIP for Europe, to get out of Europe and aren’t really realizing that that vote and a local election vote are different things. People may want UKIP to get us out of Europe, but they don’t need to be in power in Britain for that to happen. I voted UKIP to get us out of Europe but i definitely do not want to see harsher times under a UKIP government for the next four/five years, even if that’s what it would take to sort the deficit out completely.

I am scared by this stink bomb of a political movement in British  that UKIP have made and i hope nothing truly significant comes of it.

That Other Guy

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