Upcoming Changes

Good afternoon, one and all – for those of you not reading this in the afternoon, come back after lunch. No, seriously. I mean it. Below are a few of the upcoming changes to the way things are going to work around here, as discussed and agreed as a team. Well, 3 out of the 4 of us were there, and the way democracy works out, that’s better than any election in the UK has ever been, so… y’know…

First and foremost, these changes will come into effect from the start of June (and we discussed them about 3 weeks ago, so, we’ve had time to amend them as we see fit). Also, I’m probably going to miss something, so please, check the comments below where one of my colleagues will most likely fill in the gaps I’ve missed.

1 – We will all be writing a post, a week, minimum, unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as, our internet being cut off, or we lose our hands in a mince-meat maker. Stuff like that. Death is an excuse, minor illness is not. Simple as that.

2 – I will personally release one video review a month (not sure when in the month yet, most likely in the middle) using the software known as Muvizu. It may take me a while to get the hang of it, but once I have, there will be the monthly reviews. I’ll even try to do an intro video… Now, the hard part is music, so if anyone has any music they would like to get out there, email thatguythatreviewsstuff@hotmail.co.uk and we’ll chat about it.

3 – We will start reviewing more up-to-date media, essentially aiming for at least 50% of all of our reviews to be of releases in the last year. Now, given funding and our own personal limitations, I personally predict that the majority of my own “modern” reviews (without breaking the law), will be of  songs, but we’ll have to wait and see.

4 – We have got a few image-changing plans in the pipeline that should have been sorted for our birthday, but we’re waiting on updates, and failing that, we’ll be opening a competition up with some sort of prize for whoever sends in the best logo for us to use. So, with a prize unknown and some sort of planning still needed, stay tuned for more details.

So, that’s everything I can remember – the majority of what was left was in the background anyway, so that’s not for you all to worry about, but if you do wish to receive a comprehensive list, let us know and we’ll provide all the details for you.

Hoping to see you return,

That Guy

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