Saints Row: The Third

Okay, so, technically, I’ve started writing this 10 minutes after the latest it should have been posted, but seeing as I’m the only one of the three of us to have agreed to a post a week that has actually written anything, I think I deserve a bit of slack. That said, here’s my review of Saints Row: The Third. Enjoy.

I got Saints Row 3 as part of the games with gold thing, where people with Xbox Live Gold get 2 free games a month. This was my first. I completed the story on Sunday afternoon and am now thinking that it’s perfect for me to review. What’s it about? Well, ever seen The Warriors? If so, it’s kind of similar to that, only instead of being framed for killing a gang-visionary, instead the Saints have to deal with rival gangs and the military, all in order to survive. Depending on how you play, you can lose a few of your saints at the end, but that leads to a cool “blow up the massive flying fortress” mission.

Seriously – Doctor Robotnik would get a hard-on over this…

If you haven’t seen The Warriors, watch it, because it’s awesome.

Released in 2011 by Volition and THQ, Saints Row 3 clearly takes a lot of inspiration from the GTA series, in that it’s a violent game with violent objectives, a warped sense of reality (grossly exaggerated, in fact, by the S.R series), lots of cars ripe for the taking, a lot of references to other materials and adult humour. Now, to me, that’s something worth playing, purely for the comical element, let alone the chance to be a bad-ass without someone bitching at me about it.

What did I think of the game? Well, the plot, being so unrealistic, was actually quite enjoyable, given that it didn’t have to make any sense at all. I mixed people up because they all sort of seemed the same, and after a while, I felt a genuine sense of achievement just from completing unnecessary side missions, all the while increasing my over-all city control. I’m about 20% from owning the whole of the city, so all in all, not bad. Plus, I have a hover bike. What more could I want?

How about a few hours alone with Shaundi…?

All joking and sexual awkwardness aside, the game is actually quite enjoyable – sure, the radio stations are a little shit, and the gun-fights seem a bit tilted in my favour, but I suppose that just adds to both the realism and the unrealistic parts of the game, respectively.

Anything I don’t like? Yeah – some of the side missions of fucking ridiculously annoying. Less of them, more of just killing people of the other gangs, and I’d be pretty darn pleased.


That Guy


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