World Cup 2014 – Spain VS The Netherlands

Okay, so, before anyone decides to moan at me, I know very little about football (the offside rule does confuse me a bit – why punish the team who doesn’t have the crappy defense? It makes no sense!) but I know what I like, I know what I don’t, and I know that I have up to £48.00 riding on how this tournament plays out. That’s… Well, that’d the equivalent of next week’s food money… So, vested interest, this one.

Of course, I’ll only get money if the teams I picked, completely at random, out of a hat, get to the final – £30.00 if they win, £18.00 if they come 2nd. Mexico and Italy. All in all, I could have done a lot worse. Heck, I didn’t get Iran… It’s cool – they’ve only given us 2 views in the last year and a half. Fuck them.

So, I watched today’s Spain vs Holland match – I don’t really care who gets through too much. They both play well (historically, at least), and are both an equal threat to my two precious teams. That’s what I thought. Then I watched the match.

The Spaniards against the Freaky-Deaky-Dutch… Who knew it’d end like this?

So, Spain, being the last tournament’s winner, against Holland, even, looked alright until just before half-time – they referee seemed slightly positive towards them and they were 1-0 up (thank’s to a penalty I disagree with – there’s a lot of that this year…) , until, in the 44th minute, Holland scored a fantastic header-dive goal. I mean, I’m not a big fan, but I see brilliance when a man dive forwards and hit a ball a clear 2 feet above the goalkeeper, right into the goal.

Than half-time came, a chance to grab a quick drink, drain the tank and get comfy for part two. Oh, and all the replays…

And what a second half it was! 4 goals, plus that disallowed “offside” goal that Spain put away in the Holland goal – I’ve never watched a team be so humiliated in a match. I’ve heard about it – our 6-0 victory over Jamaica in 2006, for one, but never in front of my eyes, has it unfolded.

All in all, I’m both impressed and scared about, Holland. I want them to do well, but so long as well is “kicked out before Mexico and Italy”, I’ll be extra-happy. Were this not a tournament with a prize, I might have rooted for Holland, but now, I just hope their well runs dry sooner, rather than later.

That Guy


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