Well, before we begin, I feel compelled to inform those readers of ours who’ve been living under a rock for however long this film’s been talked about for, that this is a film review, and not my opinions on one of the most important examples of physics that keep us all alive. That said, what did I think?

Well, the plot is one we’re sort of familiar with. Anyone who’s had a nightmare involving space has probably dreamed this one up at some point – the idea of being stuck, in space, without any real chance of survival.

Now, I’ll be honest, the plot is great, and I don’t really care about the distance and time discrepancies – it looks fairly realistic to me, so I’m happy. The fact that most of it was green-screen – like, all but the actor’s faces – just shows off how good CGI has got over the years.

And although I’m not a fan of Clooney or Bullock, I would say they both did quite a good job, facially and verbally.

Scary, as fuck…

Now, however, I feel as though a certain film addition of the situation, kind of detracted from the story, just enough, that I felt cheated part way through.

I recall saying at some point, that the best soundtracks are the ones you don’t notice – the ones that blend in seamlessly with everything else. In Gravity, it felt like it was always out-of-place – she’s in space, for frick’s sake. If you want to knock it into us that she is fucked if she can’t save herself, get rid of the damn music…

But, whining aside, it was a good film – far-fetched, in placed, but good none-the-less.


That Guy

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