Well, a CLASSIC film here – I mean, seriously. A 1996 classic Coen brothers film. According to the Irish Times, this is their second best film – who knows? All I know is what I thought, and if you keep on reading, so will you!

Well, truth be told, I was rather disappointed. Okay, so it might be because I had bigged it up in my head – it had the Shoveller AND Steve Buscemi in it… trust me, my Buscemi opinions are FAMOUS. Okay, maybe not famous, but shared with the world, at least – but it should still be an enjoyable film, right?

Well, it wasn’t. Not particularly. Not for me, anyway. I mean, sure, I still want to watch the tv show starring Martin Freeman… Also on that list… but that’s only because it’s him in the big role.

Well, what was wrong with it then? Well, the plot escalated just a bit too quickly, but the film seemed to last forever – they’re kidnapping, no wait, they’re triple murderers – where did the wood-chipper come from? There’s no handle – seriously, not a single handle you can get a grip on the story with. I have a stunning grasp on being able to follow films and tv shows and all sorts of complicated things (heck, I remember who damn near everyone on Game of Thrones is…), and yet somehow, this lost me.

Well, then there’s the characters – the one played by the guy who ended up in Prison Break (I really can’t be bothered to look him up) was all over the place. First, he’s calmly sleeping with the hooker, next he’s chasing down two witnesses to a murder and killing them… And then the wood-chipper! Buscemi was, surprisingly, weak in this, but I have to admire that he let his different look become an in-film joke (a few characters describe him as “funny looking”.

I just found the whole film to be weak in ways I wasn’t entirely sure films could be weak. The casting was brilliant, and yet somehow it doesn’t work as a thing. It just doesn’t work as a film – maybe as a book, but not as a film. Heck, I’m not sure it’ll work as a tv show…

Whatever the case, I know that I didn’t like the film.


That Guy


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