Cody Wise ft. It’s my Birthday


Well, when i first heard this song, i liked it, but the video was worrying  me. I started to think, has finally lost it. The video was making me laugh and it’s obviously random, and that all calmed me down, till he appeared at a party dressed as Moses…. what? I think the video is trying to represent the random fun and chaos created at a great party and i would love to turn up at a party dressed as Moses…. but is it a good video? Quite honestly, i can’t decide, what do you think?

Anyway, back to the song. This is Cody Wise’s first song and i’m happy with how it went for him. His vocals are unique and he obviously has a talent for video. Being on Will’s record label has given Cody the golden opportunity to work closely with Will, probably the busiest man in the world. Will featuring on his first song has given Cody such a springboard because fans will fall for this song simply because the video, lyrics and music are all in his style. My only worry to this end is i wonder just how much creative input Cody actually had into this song. Yes, making it in Will’s style with the man himself will ensure it download’s like hotcakes, giving Cody the most profit and popularity possible to carry on to his next song or debut album, or has it developed him as an artist any further?

In a recent interview with Radio 1 on this song with the pair, Will explained why it’s taken Cody so long from signing onto Will’s label to releasing his first song. He explained that he and Cody needed to work out Cody’s angle and that if he wanted to go with the “Young” angle, then how long is that going to last? Better to wait until he got to where he is now so people can take him more seriously as a future hit singer and not just another young hit…. Humm, with the way Justine Beiber has gone, i can see wisdom in master Will’s words, and this insistence on waiting till Cody got older before releasing his first song shows that Will is obviously concerned about giving Cody the best chance possible. It just feels like i’m a teacher and I’ve got Cody’s homework in front of me and it’s obvious that he has either copied Will’s or asked/paid Will to do it for him.Having typed that, Cody does deserve some credit. I don’t think this song would work if it was just singing it, and i think Will knew that to. He used Cody to sell the song, and Cody DOSE sell the song, so in fairness, it is a collaboration, just seeming not a very balanced one.

The Music is good, no complaints there. just what i would expect from The lyrics make about as much sense as the video. There just singing about how when it’s your birthday, it’s a good excuse to spend your money, party, have sex and just have an amazing time. I like that about these lyrics. If they had tried to make sense, i would have hated that when linked with the video. As it is, the video and lyrics are as crazy as each other and that i like a lot.

I expect big things from Cody Wise in the future. I would like to see what HIS music style is like and how he tackles a song. I eagerly await his first solo venture. will keep going forever, as he says, what rhymes with retire… expire. I will keep reviewing, for as long as i can.


That Other Guy

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