R.I.P Robin Williams

I woke up this morning to news that comedian Robin Williams has died. Williams is being described by many as a comedic genius and, thinking about it, he really was. Even during the early days when he was appearing on other comedians shows as a bit part actor, he still managed to stand out. If you watch his stand-up you can tell that the majority of jokes are improvised on the spot and he’s throwing them out there at a mile a minute. Also, William’s talents as an actor cannot be understated, many will know him as the voice of the genie from Aladdin (1992) or as the titular character in Mrs Doubtfire (1993), but Williams was versatile enough so that he could do drama. Say what you will about films like The Dead Poets Society (1989) and One Hour Photo (2002) but Williams is definitely the most memorable part in both. Today, we mourn the loss of a wonderful talent, one of the most brilliant comedic forces of the last 50 years, a good father, a loving husband and a caring friend, a man who loved to make people happy. The tragedy here is that a man who spent his entire life making people laugh and fixing their problems with humor, couldn’t make himself happy. His tragic suicide stands not only as a terrible waste but as a reminder that people with such severe depression are very good at hiding it. We here at That Guy That Reviews Stuff over our sincere and heartfelt condolences to the Williams family at this dark time.


R.I.P Robin Williams



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