The Messages Of Music

Having had some time away as a result of technological failure, I’ve had a lot of time to think. My desktop computer, which was running Windows XP, broke, and I am managing to communicate with you all purely by virtue of having access to a Vista-running Laptop. I’m not pleased… Point is, I’ve been thinking, and one such topic of my thought was music, and the messages within it. I’ve come to some interesting conclusions, I think, so would like to share them.

The thing about music, is that every song has a meaning, from “Let Me Entertain You” to “I Am The Walrus”, from “Big Iron” to “Stayin’ Alive”, from “My Heart Will Go On” to “Touch Myself”. Every song has a meaning. I find song meanings interesting, in fact, almost as interesting as the lyrics, which I use to try to ascertain the meaning.

There are a few songs that have ambiguous meanings, and to me, they are nought but challenges, one more great adventure to complete, a mighty foe to slay, a fierce argument to win… I do my best to find meaning in all things, but due to the universal nature of songs, I wish beyond all other things, to be able to understand them all, but only the message, but also to determine the intended recipient.

Now, other than explain a few songs that I’ve thought about in particular, I’m not sure how to further this post… Here goes.

Stop, by the Spice Girls, is one that has stuck with me, so I’ll tell you about that. I feel that the song is about how the group are being forced into music more than they expected, how they’re uncomfortable with the fame and lack of privacy, and of how they want it to stop. This is all the more poignant an opinion when you take into account that Geri Halliwell left the group two months after the song’s release. Hmmm… Have a listen to the song.

Does that, or does that not, sound a bit like a cry for help? It sounds like one to me.

Of course, that’s just one song. What I really want from you, dear reader, is for you to have a look at the lyrics of songs, and at the meanings of songs. Just listen and think. You never know, your favourite song could mean just about anything…

That Guy

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