Scottish Independence?

Good evening to you all – I have approximately 9 minutes to write this before my Fray Bentos Pie finishes cooking (late tea for me tonight…), so I’ll keep this short. In approximately 28 minutes, the voting stations will close, the news at 10 will start, and I will be eagerly awaiting the results of the vote. Now, to be fair, I’ll be on the laptop, entertaining myself, whilst they count. I’d offer to help, but they’d be done before I got there, and to be honest, I would probably make a fuss of the whole ordeal.

For those of you with any interest in the vote, then I have two articles for you to read while you first. First, there is our article on the subject, written by Benny and I on Monday, which you can find here, or there’s this article by a friend of mine from college, about how a vote for independence, is a vote for a better society, which can be found here.

Like, share, comment, add me on skype and debate the subject with me, or sit at home masturbating. Whatever you do to pass the time before we find out if it’s an aye or a nay on the vote is entirely up to you, but whatever you do, enjoy doing it. These may be the last of days like this, or the start of a never ending line of them. Surely it’s better to remember the night it all stated?

That Guy

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