The Aftermath Of The Scottish Independence Referendum

Okay, so, we’re all agreed that it was a No vote, right? What do you mean, there was vote tampering? So, you’re not happy with the outcome? Well, join the 1,617,989 people of Scotland who voted no, or, if you’re one of them, join the 1,617,988 other people of Scotland who voted no. Not for violence, though. That would be wrong. No violence. Or I’ll slap ya!

So, I’ve been a bit behind on what’s happened, to be honest with you. I’ve hastily decided to write this, all the while discussing our new, female, Australian writer who I’ve not had any form of contact with yet (I’m actually quite excited), with Benny, having 4 BBC News windows open, and having a “recount” e-petition on my Facebook feed, courtesy, believe it or not, of Haggis. What are the chances, eh?

The thing is, as I see it, is that all that’s really changed in the grand scheme of things, is the status of the unity of the UK. Now, they always said they’d grant more powers to Scotland following a No vote, as far as I remember, but I don’t recall hearing that this would happen in Northern Ireland, Wales or the regions of England. That, to me, is new information which actually worries me a bit. It means that, essentially, the government is facilitating independence without making it official. They’re thinking about granting powers that mean we might as well put up border control.

I also feel that, all things considered, granting more power to local government feels VERY city-state like. Remember me saying that we might see city-states, before? Like, here? Yeah. Creepy, eh? Well, the way I see it, if it happens, it’ll happen no matter what anyone says, now. The government, in my eyes, is essentially saying, “okay, so you don’t want to leave, so we’ll give you what you want and let the others have the same and then we’re all happy”.

And I have one more point to make as well. I see that there have been clashes in Glasgow, following the result. Nothing major, not the riots I feared (yet), but violence nonetheless. Now, I’ve looked at, guess which news site, the BBC, and from what I can see, the violence is being started by unionists, those that would have voted no. Okay, so, they may have lost the battle for Glasgow, but the won the war for Scotland! There’s no need for violence. I’m anti-violence in circumstances like this anyway, but when you’ve won and you’re doing it, as seems to me, to rub it in the face of the Yes voters, you lose all the sympathy I can muster for you (and it’s not a lot anyway). I feel the violence is depraved, idiotic and if it doesn’t stop, I’ll sign the recount petition. I mean it. You have been warned!

So, I’m anti-violence, anti-recount and anti-city-state. What am I in favour of? DEMOCRACY! With that said, tell us what you think in the comments section below, or, if you want, email us, message us on Facebook or tweet to us! All contact details are on the contact page, here.

That Guy

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