Check Out Scottish Statesman! #wearethe45 #Scotland @scotstatesman

So, what can I say? I’m a sucker for a friend having a place on the web to call their own, whether I agree with the foundations of the site or not. Seriously. If they’ve got a place, I’ll advertise it if I know about it. I’ve added them into the links section to the top right of EVERY page you see. Also, here’s a link – – check them out, see what they have to say, then give them support if you agree, and if not, then definitely give them support. Also, no matter what you think of them, don’t let it effect how you think about us. We’re just sharers of media.

However, from my brief look (and I promise, it was brief, as I’m a fairly busy man, most of the time – like, I’m doing fifty things whilst writing this, and only one of them is a shade of grey…) they are a site revolving around a pro-independence viewpoint on life, with sections for media, politics, the economy and sports, among other topics. Or, in the words of one of their writers, “It’s an independent news source started to provide news bias towards Scottish independence”, which is “not based wholly around independence news, but the politics news bias is used to combat an MSM that is bias to the opposite. So, it’s like The Guardian but with a bias when it comes to Scottish politics.” They also have a twitter – @scotstatesman .

Who can say fairer than that? Check ’em out – you might just learn something.

That Guy

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