Ed Sheeran – “Sing”

A music review….. and i’m back. Hey everyone. I know this is like the thirty thousenth time or whatever that i have returned, but hey, what can i say, i live my life like a candle in th…. no, sorry, that’s Elton John, but here i am, ready to entertain you once again, so let meeeee; eeee entertain….. no, sorry, wrong again. Focusing back on this song:

Above is a link to the song, and the official video,  from Youtube. This song is very special, because it made my favorite song playlist, so it can’t be just any tune. I could bore you with lyric analysis and go on about lighting effects in the video, but really, that’s boring, so let us skip the boring and go straight to the interesting….

1) The puppet

Why did Ed Sheeran use a puppet to represent himself in his own video? Well, i believe the answer to be that he was trying to reflect the enjoyment and the fun in what he is singing about. When you listen to the lyrics, it’s easy to get lost in the, i wouldn’t say seriousness, but realism of the words. What he’s singing about is how a lot of people meet these days, at local raves, get very drunk, maybe a little high, and end up back at someones house hooking up. Before you know it, you’re adding a pic to the after sex selfie page on facebook and wondering who the fuck this guy, or girl, is…..

That, i believe, is the point of the puppet. His lyrics tell the serious story of modern romance but the puppet reflects the drunk, crazy fun you who got pissed, got a little high, met someone and decided to have fun, you know, let loose. The puppet is the reasoning behind why we wake up the next morning with a headache next to a hopefully hot, or at least a 5, stranger. And if were going to be honest for a sec, don’t we like that part of ourselves, even a little.

2) The almost rap

Ed kinda almost raps in this song. He sings a few lines of lyrics very fast for him, compared to his usual style and i think he’s trying to diversify his music making it more accessible to people. This is brave because Ed, although quite mainstream as an artist, some of his songs suffer his individuality, his unique musical persona. Making more popular songs will keep him in the money and fame, the ‘lime-light’ so to speak, but i like his real music.

He has made no secret of the fact that he likes to do small personal gigs, pubs, clubs and so forth, although he doesn’t need the money he likes to be connected to his audience in a very close and personal way, that he just can’t feel on a big stage. This very humble approach to music, this very personal approach is what i admire about him as an artist and i hope he never loses it. So, i like this song, but i would say to him, lose the almost rap, i mean it works for the song, but i just don’t think it suits him.

3) Can she feel it?

I know he didn’t mean it in this way, but if you need to constantly ask the girl, “can you feel it?”; you’re probably not doing anything, or worse, doing something wrong……

I Favorited this song for the music, the guys guitar playing is flawless, but the song itself has faults. The video symbolism balances out the lyrics and the whole song has a great feel to it, the lyrics make a lot of sense and strike home on many points……. I just don’t like the singing or Ed’s style/take on the song. I know it’s his own song, i just feel he could have done a better job on it, made it more meaningful like he’s famous for and kept it true to himself, but i understand his need to stay in the ‘lime-light’.

8/10 (recommended)

That Other Guy

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