That Other Guys reaction to: the suggestion put forward to reduce the pay for disabled workers in the Uk

Long title, and horrible, i know,but i couldn’t think of a way to shorten it. Basically, if you haven’t been watching the UK news today, or the PM’s question time yesterday, on UK T.V…. A suggestion was considered by Lord Freud, and i quote him: “….There is a group and i know exactly who you mean, were actually as you say they’re not worth the full wage….”

Don’t believe me; here is the link to the BBC news story on the issue including that quote in full and the discussion at PM’s question time in the House of Commons (HoC) and his apology :

The issue has been sorted though quoting Esther McVay “Those words will haunt him”, i just wanted to take this opportunity to put forward my opinion on the matter.

I mean, we’ve seen MP’s go down for less, just because he’s a Lord should not excuse him but instead make him even more of a candidate for this option. He was totally out of line to have said what he said, i mean “…a group of people…”, who are they!?! “…and i know exactly who you mean…” Well, good, ’cause i don’t! No body should be payed less than the national minimum wage for any work done under legal contract excluding volunteering, training and apprenticeships for any reason. Any reason, but especially not because of a disability using the pitiful excuse that they can only do half the job. Well, who’s fucking fault is that! Is it the persons fault that they have a disability, or the employers for giving them a job that is beyond there reasonable capability! Hum…

Or is it that you should only pay them for doing half the job because there only half a person?….

I will now remind you all that this idea has been met with, well, no less than public up-cry and disdain. Thanks to the Equal Rights acts, this public response and the Prim Ministers stance against what was said this idea will not now or hopefully never carry any weight. Lord Freud’s apology just nailed it’s coffin, and i am relived because for a minuet or so when i first heard of this, i was so scared. True, i’m not physically disabled but i feel very strongly for those who are and would fought this tooth and nail with them because…. well, do i need to explain any further.

This is a major blunder by Lord Freud and the Conservative Party, so close to the electoral campaigns beginning, they will want to brush this under the carpet, but i doubt this will go away, and actually, i won’t argue with Ed Miliband if he chooses to bring it up again and again because if the Conservatives are not going to fire Lord Freud, then i think they should suffer for what he said.

That Other Guy

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