That Other Guys diary

So hey. How’s everyone (Psst…. here’s a little secret,…. I DON’T CARE)? So anyway, i’ve been out and about living my mad social life recently, and now like a Nord battle brother returned from…. well, battle…. I have tales to tell πŸ™‚

I went out partying twice in the space of two weeks. Me! A stay at home nerd with a virtual life to sustain my normal lack of a real one. I have been basking in the lime light of social provenance and popularity. I’ve been out drinking, i’ve been out spooking, and then out to drink some more! It has been a blast!

…..But especially Halloween!

I bought my own costume, a goolish robe with grey ripped tendrils and a hood with much the same, so all an onlooker spys is my gnashing undead mouth in all it’s gruesome glory. And i did look gruesome thanks to a mate of mine with liquid latex, fake blood and an artistic flare.

I spent the first part of the night at work doing a fright night, where willing victims payed to be scared no end by the entire Sacrewell Farm posy. I had a great time as a zombie working with my brain craving colleague and some adolescent volunteers. I made people run from me in fear, i made them scream! There is no feeling quite like it, so wicked and yet so gleefully fun.

Afterwards we feasted on sausage baps, chicken wings and pitta bread pizzas. But alas, the night was calling me forth….. I could hear the alcohol chiming my name in the unseasonably warm breeze, so i bid my comrades in fright farewell, and ventured forth into the night.

Dressed in my costume and with my face looking like i had sustained third degree burns i hit the town hard and partied all night. I danced, drank, danced while drinking. I actually can’t recall a lot of time at all once in the club that i wasn’t dancing….

I had a dance partner of course. My mates girlfriend; a beautiful little minx with a heart of gold. And my mate and i drowned our sorrows, and our woes, and our worries, our troubles, any sadness, confusion, regrets…. all but our happiness really.

I out-danced the pair of them and bid them a farewell, until the next time. I stayed and partied until the party was over. I can’t really remember much after that.

I got home, pored myself a milk and grabbed a cookie. Toasted myself a goodnight and fell unconscious under my sheets. The next day, it felt like i had lost an arm wrestle with an angry drunken ork who then split my hear in two with his battleaxe. I all so found out that i hadn’t actually drank the milk i had poured myself, but instead spilled it all over my bed side table and all things adorning it, and due to a buying error of my sister’s, buying milk that was on the verge of being out of date (actually going out of date the day before as it happens) and being out in the open on my table all night, it had hardened onto everything, curdled, and stank!

Still, i sum it all up to a good time. How would you rate it out of ten? Reply in the comments πŸ™‚

That Other Guy

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