The Veronicas “You ruin me” Review

So, the Veronicas are back with there new album You ruin me and i am reviewing the song of the same name. I have liked the Veronicas for a little while a few years back… they make a great harmony and have a unique style, but i could never really invest in there music, mostly because couldn’t connect to it, but now there back i am excited for this new album and couldn’t wait to review this song. 

My general overview of this song (that i’ll visit again at my conclusion) is that it is a love betrayal and so full of emotion and heartbreak and anger. I have found out recently about myself, listening back over my own playlists that i do rather like – and relate to – songs sung from a female perspective. Music seems to bring out quite a feminate nature in me and helps me connect with my feelings and emotions in a way that would relate to how women come across as sometimes feeling; so it’s really no surprise that i would like this song. But anyway, lets tear into it and see how it bleeds 🙂

The song and lyrics
The song is very heartfelt. Quite saddening and really, not only emotive but quite gritty in it’s portrayals; for instance : “Cause you play me like a symphony. Play me till your fingers bleed”. The Lyrics really put across a very manipulative, cheating, lying boyfriend/husband who has “Played” this poor woman who worked it out long ago, and knowing how terrible her bf/husband is is killing her inside, so she going to leave him because he ruin’s her. He makes her less than she is.

Just reading these lyrics through without the music or melody, you still feel the power of these words and it makes me want to cry, just reading them! It is so horrible to think of anyone in that situation and yet i know people out there, maybe someone even reading this, could be in this position right now, and i want to help them so much….. This song is a very depressing song, but there’s more to it than that:

The music and video
The music is beautiful throughout. It is so soft and melodious, including the strings, like the violin, that the Veronicas are famous for using in there music. How the gentleness of the strings and the long notes of the piano blend together to form a velvet like symphonic tune is just perfect for giving the audience the sense of a venerability. It puts across the gentleness of the woman in the position of the lyrics. It puts across the tone of a kind, loving woman who has simply put her trust and her love in the wrong man. This could happen to any woman and the music adds that layer of, almost helplessness at the hands of this very evil man.

The Video however is an entirely different side to the coin. As the music shows the gentleness and helplessness of this woman, the video puts across her bitterness and her anger for this man. It revolves around a ballet which i can only assume was used to show the power that the man exerts over women in this song, explaining how he thought he could treat her like this and get away with it. It all so, more crucially, shows him in a boot of a car tied up and mouth taped shut. This guy is on serious trouble….

So, this song is like a Victoria sandwich cake. You have the rich meaning of the words as the cake, the soft whipped cream middle is the delicate tones of the music and the video is the harsh bitter lemon icing on the top, and the whole song is delicious. Going into this review, considering i like the Veronicas and liked this kind of song, i was expecting to award it an excellent (7)…. but as i’ve reviewed this song over the last 20 minuets, i have realized there is so much more to this song than i originally thought and i like it far better for it. As far as heartbreak songs go, this covers all the bases in just 3 minuets and 50 seconds, and i think it’s perfect. I have fallen in love with this song:


That Other Guy

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