The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part

Well, this movie felt to me like a big ol’ punch in the stomach…

The Mockingjay is the third book in the Hunger games trilogy which they have split into two movies…. Does the book warrant it? Personally, i think the Hunger games literature is so jam packed full of emotion that building it up into two movies is a good idea, to allow that emotion to be played out to it’s full. Sure, not a lot of events in the first half of the book, but a hell of a lot of drama, character building and serious pot points do. This does come across in the movie…. Not a lot happens, but there’s still 2 hours (and 3 minuets) of serious gut wrenching, tear jerking drama that plays out before you.

I’m not going to give too much away, but do bring tissues….

Without spoiling it for those who have not gone, some of the things i liked were:
The Ruthlessness of President Snow
The Developments in Peeta and Katniss’s story

Things i didn’t like:
POV and carycam filming where it was not necessary and distracted me from the scene
The continued lack of explanation for Avox’s
Prim’s bastard cat!

Glad i got that out of my system…. Now, serious reviewing:

This story follows Katniss after her 2nd battle in the arena, becoming the mockingjay, the face of the rebellion. As usual, this means the story centers around her, which in the mockingjay, i think it does too much. Obviously the first two movies focused on her as well, but the first one should have as we get to know who Katniss is and what kind of person she is. Only what this movie does is it focuses almost exclusively on Katniss, trying to fit all her thoughts, ideas and the raw emotion of her character into the 2 hr window, and i think it does this at the expenses of almost all the other characters. Hamitch is barely seen. Effie has a role to play here, but we still ignore her a lot. We are briefly reminded when it is convenient that Katniss has a family, and Gale… i understand my radiator pipe better than i understood his role in anything in this movie.

The only two characters who really get any limelight in this movie are Katniss and President Snow. Though i must admit, Jennifer Lawrence put across a fantastic performance playing Katniss. The depth of what and how Katniss feels is a very difficult thing to understand, let alone portray, but Jennifer really nails her, in body language, face acting and scripted lines. I do sometimes think she was a little over acted, but then her she’s playing a teenage girl, who’s world has just been turned upside down, everyone she knows and loves is under threat of death, and she’s just found out she’s in love…. Can that be overacted?

Donald Sutherland is equally as menacing and intimidating as president Snow. He exhumes power in his role as President Snow. A man not to ever be taken lightly. As i said earlier i was particularly impressed with how much they kept to the book in the visualization of his vengeance and sheer unrelenting force. I’m actually not sure how they kept it a 12 rating….

…On that note, i don’t think this, or the second, or really the first movie should have been 12 ratings…. I know this is a popular book within that age range but the cinema used to show these words on the screen should have plucked for a 15. Then, one: They could have used swearing more, two: they could have been even more realistically graphic with deaths and destruction and three, overall, they could have made the environment fit the emotion that the actors and actresses were portraying so well. Sometimes i think they were just playing it to safe, just to keep the age rating down, and i don’t like that. I think i would have found the story more believable if they hadn’t have done that.

All so, there were some kids in front of me and my sister at the showing who were obviously not 12 and had come in with people who were/slightly over 12. These kids annoyed me and my sister because they were messing about in the very personal scenes, obviously too young to appreciate them and there value in the movie, and then there was the three finger salute.
The three finger salute is a symbol of the old rebellion. It is a symbol of defiance against the capitol, and after the rebellion failed, it became a symbol of hope. Hope is a very strong and very powerful thing. Hope means a lot. For the districts it means freedom, a better future, not to live in fear, not to suffer the hunger games, not to live below the Capitol, not to starve to death in the streets, not to be shot for the smallest obstruction of ‘peace’, not to have your family be killed for embarrassing the Capitol….
IT IS NOT a whimsical wave of the hand just to be thrown up in the air WHENEVER YOU FEEL LIKE IT. These girls were just giggling to themselves and throwing the salute up almost every five minuets, whether it was appropriate or not. This really annoyed me and my sister. They obviously don’t understand it’s significance. They probably think it’s just like a another way of waving, like you would use it to say hi, or bye, or maybe do it before taking a drink at a toast….

I do hope the above experience never happens to you.

Overall, a very good movie. You feel a deep sadness in the pit of your stomach when you watch it. I don’t think i can say that anything good actually happens in it, and you defiantly don’t feel good at all after watching it. There is nothing to smile about when you leave that cinema…. we probably all looked like we had just witnessed a funeral.Yet still, i encourage all you Hunger games fans to watch it, as i’m sure you will.


That Other Guy

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