I’m Not A Happy Chappy @parcelforce #seriouslypissedoff

Let me tell you a story, because I want to become a fiction writer at some point and I’m quite pissed, and so, wish to tell you all about my infuriated state. Plus, I never get a chance to rant any more, so this will be a nice thing for me to do.

The last few weeks have been a bit rough, financially, for my girlfriend and I. In the end, we pretty much had to skimp out on Christmas – thankfully, we didn’t have any of the food to sort out, and our families are very understanding when it comes to not having money when you are expecting a child, it’s nearly Christmas and using the gas to heat the house costs a bloody fortune. On more than few occasions over the last fortnight, we’ve opted for leaving the gas off completely, and curling up in bed with two duvets and pj’s to keep warm. Okay, well, maybe not pj’s. I can’t sleep with clothes on when I’m at home. It just feels weird.

SO, long story short, we’ve been skint for a while and trying to keep alive (food, gas, shit like that), has been fun, if you understand sarcasm, and a fucking nightmare if your don’t. Sad back-story aside, let’s jump forward to why I’m pissed off.

On Christmas Day, we opted for spending a bit of the hard-worked for, and now available, money on treats for ourselves. Nothing too fancy, nothing over-the-top, just a nice treat. By that, I mean some coffee pot things for the coffee machine we received as a present from my girlfriend’s dad and his girlfriend, and Destiny for the Xbox 360. My girlfriend was determined to get me it for Christmas, and in the end, it just wasn’t possible. We saw it for about £30, as opposed to the £45-odd it would have cost, and grabbed it in a flash. With the coffee as well, we ended up spending about £40, which I would say isn’t bad at all.

Of course, doing this on Amazon (being normal people), we had to choose delivery options, and since we hadn’t used the free trial on that instant video thing (I thought we had, but apparently not), which gives you free one-day delivery, we opted to use that. This meant that we were, guaranteed to get delivery of our items on 27th of December, 2014. Well, the coffee started as saying 28th, but soon changed to 27th. And I’m not saying guaranteed. That was exactly what it said on the site when we finalised the order. Guaranteed to be with us on he 27th. Sure, it’s not technically next-day delivery, but I won’t be pissed with people for not working a bank holiday – god knows I didn’t work it, so why should they?

No, what I do take issue with is the fact that the company hired to deliver the parcel to us, Parcelforce, actually stopped working for the weekend, at the end of the day Wednesday. That’s fine, I can accept that. Again, we did that at work ourselves. My problem, is the fact that these people who were not doing any work until next week, were getting paid to deliver items that they were not even going to attempt to deliver. They had no intention of trying. None, whatsoever. How do I know? Because they told us as much.


And of course, we’re not aware of this – why would we be? As far as we’ve been told, we’re getting our delivery on Saturday, and by George, did we expect it on Saturday?!? When we looked up why we hadn’t had our delivery (about mid-day), we read something about weather conditions playing a factor. For those of you who do not live in the UK, or who don’t look at the weather outside, we had a night of snowfall, if that, on 26th into 27th December. That’s great. A bit of terrible weather a bit North of us, but here, it hasn’t been too bad. In fact, I had to walk across town today, about half an hour’s walk, in the aftermath of this snow, and by then, it had already started turning to slush and was merely an annoyance. By now, I’ll concede that the low temperatures and the ground-water may have made a slip-hazard across not only my town, but the whole of Lincolnshire.

Of course, here I am, waiting for my parcel, in my still a bit chilly house, wondering why Destiny and my fancy coffee hasn’t turned up, and it’s because a few people who couldn’t be arsed to do the job they’d been paid to do, took a few extra days off work.

Now, I’ll admit, I’m pissed at Amazon too, but the way I see it, there’s no guarantee they were told that Parcelforce were not working until Monday, and if they weren’t told, then they can’t possibly be to blame for the deliveries not being made. Also, the staff are friendly, and I got another month of that instant video thing, so I’m appeased by them. Parcelforce, truth be told, I just want my fucking parcel/s. It’s not a lot to ask that someone receive an item they’d paid for, at the time they were told they would be getting it. I’m not an unreasonable man. I understand that my argument is lessened because I didn’t pay for the next-day delivery, but I feel for those who did, and I’m sure I voice their annoyance too.

There’s no need to fob us off with weather remarks. If you’re not working, you’re not working. But if you’re not working, be decent enough to let the company who’s paying you to delivery goods, so that they can find a company who can do what has been requested. It’s not a lot to ask. Parcelforce – get some business ethics, for fuck sake.

Now, I don’t expect a reply from Parcelforce, and even if I do, I won’t get it until Monday, and because I work 8-5 for a haulage company, I won’t see such a reply until I get home, and my parcel should beat me here, so any response would be pointless. If I do get one though, I will make sure to let you all know what it is. Oh, and they should get a message on me from twitter linking to this post, so it’s not like they won’t know I’ve written this.

That Guy

4 thoughts on “I’m Not A Happy Chappy @parcelforce #seriouslypissedoff

    1. Well then, Smithy, here’s my question – why the heck were you working, and the rest of Parcelforce not, eh? Bit unfair on you, I’d say. You ought to ask for a raise, and, while you’re at it, politely request that my bloody parcel get delivered!


  1. Parcleforce, that was seriously bad business of you.
    As for you TG, times will get better. i don’t know that for sure, but you gotta believe it…. if you don’t, whats the point 🙂


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