Destiny (Xbox 360)

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night, depending on who and where you are. This is my first review of 2015 (woooo!) and probably my most “current” review in a long, long time. Like a lot of people, I picked up Destiny over the Christmas period and have played it almost non-stop since. Well, I’ve worked too, and spent time with my pregnant girlfriend, and stuff like that, but Destiny has been my biggest pastime since getting it. But what do I think of Destiny? Well, let’s read on and find out!

Well, there’s a lot that can be said for Destiny. For one, I can’t not enjoy the advert with the three guardians standing on the edge of the crater and fighting tonnes of bad guys. I know saying that suggests that I know nothing about the game, but trust me, I know stuff. Here’s the advert. I still love it.

Okay, so, what do I think of the story? Well, for one, at this stage, I think it’s a bit short. Sure, I haven’t got the “The Dark Below” DLC, but to be fair, I’ve had the game a week. I shouldn’t NEED to buy DLC yet. And so, yeah, that’s something I’ll gripe about. It’s short. Not too short – there’s enough replay value, at least for now, that I don’t mind, and I don’t doubt that there will be non-paid updates coming at some point. I hope so, at any rate. We’ll see, I guess.

What there was, though, I enjoyed. Going from one planet to another, killing a load of aliens and getting some pretty powerful guns is always good, and doing that with who knows who from God knows where for no-one knows how long, is even better. There’s something very satisfying about saving the galaxy by performing hideous acts of genocide under the guise of preventing the extinction of your own species.

With that in mind, I find the gameplay to be, for the most part, quite smooth. There are a few cut scenes that I wish I was able to skip, particularly when doing replays of missions, and there’s a few times when the loading takes a little longer than I’d like, but with the maps being quite large and there being so many players at peak times, I can live with it.

There is something I think needs a little work – the character advancement. As it stands, my main is a level 22 hunter, as pictured below.


Hey, you, stop clicking on my groin!
Damn, don’t I look good in that mask?

Now, as you can see, I’m a level 22, and that bar there should, hopefully, show you that I am almost a level 23. That’s great, right? At that level and with my skill (I’m good, not fantastic, but better than great) it would be fair to expect me to surpass that next milestone within, oooh, an hour? Only, I spent 4 hours playing this afternoon and jumped from the start of level 21, to where I am now in the space of about 30 minutes. The last 30 minutes. Why is this, I hear you ask…

Well, once you get to level 20, you stop earning experience to level up, but rather, you have to equip armour which is infused with a substance called light. That’s okay, only, it’s a nightmare to get a hold of, and doing stuff to give you it, might not even give you it. I’ve picked up maybe a dozen of the things that MIGHT be useful armour, and most end up being weapons and cloaks, and the cloaks do NOTHING to my light level. And then, I found some useful bits, purely by chance, doing some multiplayer. And the rewards for that have annoyed me today as well, now I come to it.

Today, I played a few rounds of multiplayer. Logically, the better you do, the more likely you should be to get a reward, right? So, how can the 3rd place player on the winning team be the only person on the team that gets a reward, or, more importantly, all but one player on the losing team get rewards? It seems as though there’s no reason behind it, and that makes it frustrating. Very frustrating.

But I enjoy the game. I really do. I find it entertaining, I find it engaging, and it’s probably the only game I can play and be joined by people who think camping means running up to a tank and hitting it with a knife…

Destiny – the game where you fight the forces of darkness as a guardian of the light, in the hope of saving the world, and a giant mystical orb, from the evils outside the walls of the last city on Earth.


That Guy

PS – Anyone who plays on Xbox, look out for ThatGuyTRS – I’m always willing to play and I have a microphone.


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