The Stephen Sommers Series

I think we can all relate to the idea of a ‘popcorn movie’, a film that isn’t particularly complex or even that great but is just something fun to distract us from our mundane little lives full of bitterness, misery, loneliness, substance abuse and re-runs of Everybody Loves Raymond. For me at least, one director stands out when it comes to popcorn movies; Stephen Sommers. A cursory glance through his filmography reflects a career full of movies that aren’t necessarily great in terms of quality but have strong merit as entertainment, hell, the guy wrote, produced AND directed Van Helsing (2004), one of my favourite films from my youth; surely that merits watching his other films?! I’ve decided I’m going to spend some time looking at all the films Sommers is associated with, there’s only seventeen so it shouldn’t take too long and, frankly, I don’t think enough people know who Sommers is. I mean, sure, pretty much everybody has heard of his work which includes stuff like Van Helsing, The Mummy and Scorpion King trilogy and the G.I. Joe films, but I imagine very few people know him by name. I’ll be very honest with you, I don’t know whether the majority of his stuff is complete crap and he got lucky with The Mummy and Van Helsing or even if those films are the bad ones; who knows, I may come out of this respecting the guy or hating his guts.



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