New Site Theme And TGTRS Chat

Hey there, reader! We’ve had a bit of a play around with how things look over here on TGTRS, and we’ve decided to go a brand new look – as any of you who visit us regularly will see, it’s a lot brighter than the last one. We figured, heck, we’ve been dark and gloomy for a while now, and in reality, 2015 is probably the year when everything is going to change – I mean, bloody hell, one of us will have a child born in a few months! What’s more cheerful than that, eh?

So, we hope you like the new look – if not, by all means, comment or email and let us know! We’ll listen, and try to take your comments on board.

And, in case you didn’t see it over there on the right hand side of the screen (—-> that way —->), and up near the top, we have managed to get a chat feature – if anyone wants to talk about stuff, by all means, hop on, have a chat, it’ll be great. No guarantee that one of us will be online, but if you want to chat, just pop us an email and we’ll arrange a chat for you – doesn’t matter what topic, either.

And, if the window on the right isn’t your cup of tea, go to the proper page, right here – we won’t bite!

That Guy

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