The Concept Of Hating People, Who Are Famous For Being Hated

Okay, I admit, the title doesn’t quite say it all, but I think it’s probably the easiest way I can explain what my point in this post is – I’m going to be talking about hating famous people, and who a lot of them are famous because we hate them, as well as the idea of hating famous people in the first place. It’s a wide topic, I know, but I’m going to try to keep it concise and well-reasoned… Like always then, eh?

Oh, and, warning – nudity follows.

A short while ago – maybe an hour ago from RIGHT now – my girlfriend and I finished watching the Channel 4 program about Josie Cunningham, who is, apparently, Britain’s most hated woman. Now, that, to me, is one hell of a title to have – I mean, how the hell do we gauge that kind of thing? I’ve never been asked for a list of my least favourite people, and trust me, if I did, it’d probably have someone more like the fellow below…

He truly is an odious twat, and I relish the opportunity that, one day, I may get to slap that stupid face…

Of course, that’s just me… And Benny… And a lot of people. I mean, fucking hell, even Josie Cunningham mentioned him… That has to mean something, doesn’t it? I think so, and at the end of the day, you wouldn’t be reading these words if you didn’t have at least some interest in what I think. Good for you!

Now, I do my utmost to avoid hating famous people – it doesn’t help me to hate them, as my life is already filled with feelings of vitriol and despise towards media atrocities such as Knowing and Friday and the last thing I need is to hate something else with as much gusto. Seriously, every time bad films come up as a topic of conversation, I spout out my typical spiel about just how shit a film Knowing really is. It’s right there as my number one example of a film which ruins everyone’s lives just be virtue of existing. I can feel my life-essence starting to be drained because I’m thinking about it… New topic… New topic!

Well, that’s not exactly better… But it’ll do…

Yes, back to Josie. Having seen the Channel 4 documentary (which I recommend you watch, just so you know what I’m talking about), she’s a perfect example of someone who has managed to turn all this hatred into a money-spinner. She’s very open about how she’s just playing a game, and that, in all honesty, it wouldn’t be possible if the British public just stopped hating her (the last bits are my words, not hers) – and I have no doubt that most of the famous hated people wouldn’t be in the public eye any more if we could just stop hating people.

Look at Katie Hopkins – she’s one of Britain’s most controversially opinionated people, and she’s probably got thousands, if not millions, of people who despise the fuck out of her. I’m not a fan myself (but, as above, I don’t hate her). Yet, she’s managed to get a column in The Sun, and she’s managed to wrangle her way into the current series of Celebrity Big Brother (on in the background as I type, co-incidentally). Why’s this? Because people love to hate stuff. We LOVE to hate stuff. We all love the chance to have a moan at something, and what better to moan at, than the stuff we hate, right?

And of course, you like to know what you’re moaning about, don’t you – we all do. If we’re going to know what Katie or Josie, or, if as I suspect, Perez Hilton becomes one of the most hated people in Britain (he’s starting to get close to my very short list of despised people), have done to deserve our hate, so that we can justify it, we need to keep up with what they’ve done. It is at the point where I have no doubts that people hate Katie Hopkins because she spouts out complete and utter bollocks opinions on stuff, which should wouldn’t be able to spout as publicly, if she wasn’t famous for being hated for spouting out complete and utter bollocks opinions on stuff.

And to be fair, there’s only one place you should go for complete and utter bollocks opinions…

It’s a vicious cycle. We can only end it in two ways, and one of those ways is by just letting the hate go, and the other… Well…

“Come. It is time to keep your appointment with the Wicker Man.”

And the worst thing of all, is that, depending on your willingness to believe conspiracies, you could argue that it is in the government’s best interests for there to be publicly hated figures in a world where we’re all so fucking miserable all the time. We’ve got war and poverty and famine and all sorts of fucking reasons to be depressed. And of course, who do we get to blame for things like this? The establishment… But there’s only so much hate that we can act on at a time and if it’s all directed at Josie, or Perez, or Katie or Piers, it sure as hell isn’t being directed at the government, is it?

“Don’t ask me, I’m just an average guy on the street without an opinion on such matters…”

I’m not one for conspiracies, but I am one for human nature, and I know that everyone needs a scape-goat and a distraction from time to time. We all do, no matter who we are. Life is all some sort of twisted blame game, and you, your family, neighbours, friends, co-workers, all your acquaintances, and all of THEIR versions of the previous list of people, and so on, and so forth, are players, either winning or losing as time goes on. Humans are fucking weird sometimes.

So, what do I say we ought to do? I say, there are two options. Two genuine options. First, we can give up on all the hate and wait for all the hated people to just fall off the radar, or alternatively, we can accept that sometimes, we will hate people, and sometimes, these people will find a way to cash in on it, making us hate them all the more.

I think we ought to go for the first one.

That Guy

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