Tom Jones & Stereophonics – Mama Told Me Not To Come

Hey, a music review – you don’t see them on here very often these days! And guess what? There’s a new feature we’re hoping to implement in our music reviews… Just click to read more, and find out…

What’s this fancy looking thing?


Holy crap, it plays music! IT PLAYS MUSIC! WOOOOOO!

Now then, I’m going to be honest. I’ve not actually tested that. I don’t know if it works for people that don’t have Spotify, or if they don’t have it open, or if it works for tablet users, mobile users, or anything, so…. Don’t get disheartened if it doesn’t work – just leave a comment with the details for how your tried to listen to the song, and we’ll play around with the settings and see if we can get it working for you.

Now then – the review.

I like cheerful songs, and I like songs about debauchery – they help to show that life can be enjoyed, despite what some people may try to make us think. It’s true – we can enjoy life, and although excessive indulgence in alcohol, sex and drugs might not be the way, it certainly is a way.

And those eyes have seen the other 17 ways…

Mama Told Me Not To Come is one of those songs that helps to show both sides, in its own weirdly fantastic way. If the original version of the song, by Randy Newman, was about a stereotypical late 60’s party, from the perspective of a typically formal person, then this version is about a stereotypical late 60’s party, from the perspective of someone who’s actually starting to get into it, even if they’re not sure what “it” is.

Lyrically, the song is quite clever – it combines drug references, such as “sugar in your tea”, and “that cigarette your smokin’, ’bout to scare me half to death'”, with the “protagonist’s” ideas of how to resolve the situation to fit his norms, such as “open up that window, let some air into this room”. These aren’t easy lyrics to make fit, and yet, they do – the music and lyrics have been perfectly tailored to fit one another, and the resulting song is an absolute pleasure to listen to.

Now, this particular version adds an element of playful to the song, that helps to make it almost an anthem, and I highly recommend that even if the song above doesn’t want to let you listen to the song, you at least look up the song on Youtube.


That Guy

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