Hashtagging In Adverts… #fuckingstopit!

Okay then. I’m a relatively modern gentleman – I play as up to date video games as my finances allow without screwing myself over, I try to keep up with the news, and I’m part of the class of people we refer to as “bloggers”, who, let’s face it, are the cornerstone of the modern internet.I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, I have a Youtube account (which came with the Google+ account – I’m modern enough to know that NO-ONE used Google+). I’ve used Tinder and Kik, I made the mistake that a few other people made and chose a Windows Phone over anything running an Android OS (which I hope to remedy this coming May), I’m our resident techie, and I clearly understand what all of these things are AND how to use them, or else you’d probably see me posting questions onto Twitter and wondering where the hell the Google logo is…

The problem is, though, that I’m not too keen on all this hashtagging that we see on TV…

Don’t get me wrong – I understand what it’s there for. If you, like a lot of sad, pathetic people out there, are the kind of person who ‘tweets’ every god-damn thing you do, then you are exactly the kind of person that this is designed for. You see an advert, notice that it has a hashtag, and think, “Yes, this is exactly the reason I have Twitter”, and spout out 144 characters of stupidity for the whole world to have the opportunity to see, but realistically, only about a dozen people end up reading…

Just saw an advert for #10000BC – holy crap that looks good, lol, better than Jezzer Kyle – lol jks, he’s totes awesome…

As you can see, I completely understand the many Twitter users out there. What I don’t understand is why we pander to it. We live in a world where half the people complain about commercialism and the other half are the ones making the money from it, where half the people can’t afford to pay for all their household bills and the other half are asking for tax cuts… And yet, we let hashtagging happen, in, if the way they seem to be EVERYWHERE is anything to go by, we’ve promoted it. They wouldn’t do it, if it wasn’t worthwhile. We are being suckered in to advertising their shows for them, all because of the mystical power of this symbol – #.

This fluffy fellow? HE’S THE SPAWN OF HASHTAG-SATAN! #MontyThePenguin

I blame the loveable creature above, Monty The Penguin, for all of this. No doubt, I missed them until then, but I didn’t notice hashtags appearing on adverts until I saw the John Lewis advert for Christmas 2014, featuring this beautiful thing. For me, that’s where the hatred started. I never really understood the advert, but with them to be trying to force hashtags down my throat like so much pre-digested fish, I started to hate it too. It’s got to the point, where when we see an advert on the telly, I’ll be keeping an eye out for them, so that I can have a moan about it.

Now, earlier, I said that “I’m not too keen on all this hashtagging that we see on TV”. That’s not quite true. I actually approve of it with these audience interaction shows, like Question Time and Celebrity Big Brother. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have the patience to watch either, but the concept works perfectly for the way the show is meant to be. They do something, you tweet about it, and they react accordingly. It’s interactive TV via the internet. It’s no different to having people phone in, or text, or email, or visit the website. Only now, we can all do it from our phones, for no cost, and they get to look like they’re up to date with modern technology.

It’s all a marketing ploy. TV advertising is dying. I give it another 5-10 years, before all the adverts we see are on the internet. We watching more TV through catch up services where they can tailor the adverts to suit the viewer much more accurately, increasing the effectiveness of said adverts. It’s all about cookies. There’s no cookies on the TV unless you’re watching Nigella Lawson make them…

Or should that be Coke-ies?

The point is, hashtagging has a place, and I really don’t think that the place is on our adverts.

That Guy

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